How to get the Halo Infinite Clippy charm and nameplate

The Halo Infinite Clippy weapon charm and Spartan ID nameplate have appeared in the customization section of the game, but you’re probably wondering how you can get these virtual stationery items. The ‘Clippy’ weapon charm applies the paperclip companion to hang off the side of any of your weapons and the ‘Clipster’ nameplate adds an inquisitive-looking Clippy to your Spartan ID. Like Clippy, we’re here to help as what you need to know about Halo Infinite Clippy can be found below.

How to unlock the Halo Infinite Clippy items

Halo Infinite clippy spartan id nameplate

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Unfortunately, both the Halo Infinite Clippy weapon charm and ‘Clipster’ nameplate are unavailable and cannot be unlocked at the moment. This is despite the fact that both are visible in the Armory and Spartan ID customization sections respectively, although they’re both noted as being ‘currently unavailable’. Based on other cosmetic items with similar messaging that were released previously, it’s pretty safe to assume that these Clippy-themed items will be exclusive to the Halo Infinite store, which means you’ll have to fork out some real money to pay for Credits and then the Clippy items.

Because the store updates parts of its stock daily, and others weekly, there’s no definite way to say when the Halo Infinite Clippy charm and nameplate will be available or for how long. Check in with the store and even on social media regularly to see if the items have made their way onto the storefront. We also reckon that these items will at least come as part of a Clippy bundle, so you won’t have to look for both items separately. With this in mind, it’s likely to be one of the cheaper store items, so you won’t have to spend lots on virtual, paper-holding assistants.

Halo Infinite Season 2 Battle Pass

Halo Infinite

(Image credit: 343 Industries)

The Halo Infinite Season 2 Battle Pass is available now

If you’ve recently gone into Halo Infinite to check out Season 2, you’ve probably also noticed the new Halo Infinite Eaglestrike armor and core, which gives your Spartan an early 20th century, industrial look. This set also isn’t available right away, but you’ll be able to unlock it and new pieces of armor through the latest Fracture event, Entrenched. There’s also new battle pass to work through, which is a substantial improvement over the last one. You can unlock armor for the new Rakshasa Armor Core, and get plenty of free armor for your Mark VII core.

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