How to access the Halo Infinite campaign co-op beta

The Halo Infinite campaign co-op beta players have been looking forward to is due to start very soon, and we’ve got the full lowdown on how to access it. In order to take part in this beta you’ll need to either own the Halo Infinite campaign or be an active member of Xbox Game Pass, however if you’re playing via Steam then an additional step was required and the deadline for that has now passed, so access cannot be guaranteed on that platform.

PSA: The team is still working on our upcoming #HaloInfinite network co-op Insider flight build. While we always said our “target was the week of July 11”, many sites reported it simply as “starting July 11.” Still hoping for this week, but it will not start today. (1/3)July 11, 2022

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Originally we were expecting the Halo Infinite co-op beta to run from Monday, July 11 to Friday, July 22, but as Halo Community Director Brian Jarrard confirms in the above tweet their “target was the week of July 11” rather than that specific date. There are issues currently being worked on, though they’re still aiming to launch the flight build this week. If you want to ensure you’re ready to take part when it does go live, then here’s how to access the Halo Infinite co-op beta.

How will the Halo Infinite co-op beta work

Halo Infinite campaign co-op beta

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The Halo Infinite co-op beta will support up to four players with full crossplay between platforms, and all players will be Master Chief so there’s no arguing over who gets to be the main man. To get started, you just need to form a fireteam within Halo Infinite multiplayer in the usual way, then select Start Co-Op from the main menu. You should note that ultimately the plan is for all unlocks and progress to seamlessly carry over between single player and co-op, but the Halo Infinite campaign co-op beta will function as a separate build during this test so your existing save won’t be available, and any unlocks or progress you make during the beta won’t carry over to the retail version afterwards.

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