Halo Infinite devs promise fixes and free XP after “bumpy” Season 2 launch

Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries says it’s “reviewing options” following the “bumpy” launch of Season 2: Lone Wolves, and will compensate players with free XP and Challenge swaps for their troubles.

343 creative head Joseph Staten discussed (opens in new tab) the season launch on Twitter. “This week has been bumpy. That definitely wasn’t our goal,” he said. “We are indeed taking your feedback to heart, especially regarding map jumps and speedrunning. We’re reviewing options and will have more news to come.”

Staten was expanding on a thread (opens in new tab) from community manager John Junyszek, who addressed a few specific issues that have cropped up. Junyszek echoed Staten’s point on “various multiplayer jumps and campaign speedrun strategies” that were affected by the latest update. 

“We’re not at the point where we can promise anything yet, but want to be transparent and say that we’re taking the feedback seriously and reviewing options internally,” Junyszek said. 

Junyszek also addressed the bugged Challenges for the new Interference event tied to Last Spartan Standing. These Challenges should now be tracked correctly, and to make up for any lost progress, 343 will give out five free XP boosts and five Challenge Swaps to “anyone who logs in while Interference is live.” In the week beginning May 8, the studio will also reduce the difficulty of “some” event Challenges and “[make] it so that completing them earns you two levels on the Event Pass.” 

This change comes on the heels of a hotfix (opens in new tab) which addressed untracked Free-For-All Challenges, something many players ran into right as the season got off the ground. Some players are also still understandably confused by Last Spartan Standing Challenges not showing progress when they leave a match early (usually after being eliminated), but 343 says these should update properly once the match you leave officially ends in the background. 

Separately, Junyszek said (opens in new tab) that an issue causing some weapons, including the battle rifle, to jam up mid-firefight is due to a new bug “introduced when addressing a rapid-fire exploit,” and it will get a fix of its own soon enough. 

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