Halo Infinite Cindershot clip shows the right way to use this overlooked weapon

Halo Infinite’s Cindershot has an easily overlooked feature that makes it considerably better than many players may think, as this crafty clip from Reddit user C0rnnut007 demonstrates.

finally_used_the_cindershot_correctly_feels_good from r/XboxSeriesX

It’s easy to pick up the Cindershot, idly lob a few explosives, and dismiss it as any old grenade launcher. But its real selling point only comes into play after you fire it. See, if you ADS and drag your reticle, you can actually control where the projectiles for this thing go. You can’t flick the reticle and send your grenade into the next county over, but you do get a surprising degree of control. You can maneuver it around corners, into fast-moving vehicles, or – as C0rnnut007 does here – just straight-up dunk on your fellow Spartans. 

Grenade launchers already have their own built-in learning curve – you’ve gotta get that arc just right – and the Cindershot’s mid-air adjustments only add to that. You only get one bounce with the Cindershot, and its upward maneuverability is limited, but the alt fire on this thing makes it way more potent and enjoyable to use. This is true for many weapons in Halo Infinite’s sandbox, as our own Josh West wrote in his Halo Infinite campaign review:

“Movement is weighty and tactile, retaining the grounded feel that’s inherent to all good Halo games, without sacrificing any of your agility or mobility. Combat is fast and reactive, with enemy AI constantly pushing you to utilize everything around you for survival – equipment, weapons, and even the environment itself. The decision to shift Halo’s long-established traditions into a sprawling open-ended sandbox only works to expand the scope of play in its favor.”

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