Halo Infinite Craig Easter Egg uncovered by players

A Halo Infinite easter egg dedicated to the infamous Craig brute has seemingly been uncovered.

In the post from the Halo subreddit which you can see just below, a player appears to have discovered a rock that looks awfully similar to Craig the Brute. This rock appears to be in the open-world section of 343’s sequel, which takes place entirely in the new location of the Zeta Halo Ring.

This is definitely one of the boulder easter eggs we’ve seen. There’s no clues in the original subreddit post, or the comments underneath, indicating where this particular rock is out in Halo Infinite’s open world. Who’s up for a road trip around Zeta Halo to find Craig?

In fact, as GamesRadar+’s guides team first revealed, this isn’t the only easter egg dedicated to Craig. You can actually find a tour poster for the “Craig Zeta Halo Tour” dates, and while we have absolutely no idea how this would function in Halo’s in-game universe, you can head over to our Halo Infinite Craig Easter Egg guide for more.

Developer 343 previously revealed back in October that they’d “glammed up” Craig from his original debut in 2020. It turns out Craig hasn’t always been adored at the development studio, as personnel felt like he was detracting from the actual game itself and painting the entire thing in a negative light. However, maybe the development team didn’t need to worry about the final product, as according to our Halo Infinite review, this is the grand return of the Master Chief that we’ve been waiting for.

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