Halo Infinite reverts Season 2 skill jump changes after “overwhelmingly strong feedback” from players

After “overwhelmingly strong feedback” from players, Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries says it “made a mistake” in removing a handful of skill jumps from the game and is now reversing the changes.

In an update on Halo Waypoint (opens in new tab), 343i community manager John Junyszek confirmed that as a result of that feedback, the jumps at Live Fire (key door and house panel), Bazaar (double doors both sides), and Streets (Pizza) will receive “1-to-1 roll-backs to how they were before the Season 2 update”, whilst Aquarius (P Side edges) will also return, albeit with a “slight adjustment” to make the collision “more predictable”.

“We do our best to analyze the trade-offs of different strategies, the movement of players through the levels, and the cost or ‘friction’ of traversal in different combat scenarios,” Junyszek said. “In conjunction we strive to create environments that offer a fine-tuned risk and reward experience and clearly communicate the movement opportunities in the combat space.”

The team has also addressed issues with weapon jamming, too, having been able to both identify the root cause of the issue and revert the recent change in the upcoming update. Other tweaks include “stability improvements” to PC, improved Equipment Pods in Last Spartan Standing, fixed Spartan Core counts, and Pelican drops will soon match pre-S2 “frequency and type” again.

For the full list of changes and improvements, head on over to Halo Waypoint.

Should you play Halo Infinite in 2022? (opens in new tab) I certainly think so.

“I’ve always thought there’s something special about Halo’s multiplayer,” I wrote. “Whereas its contemporaries are obsessed with reinvention, endlessly complicating matters with unlockables and perks and competitive advantages that sometimes seem to unfairly penalize those without the luxury of time, Halo has chiefly stuck to its guns: literally. 

“It doesn’t matter if you’ve played once, or 101 times. It doesn’t really matter what rank you are (well, beyond bragging rights, I guess) – Halo is genuinely a level playing field. At the end of the day, who survives and who dies comes down to you, your tactics, and good old-fashioned luck. There are no game-breaking God rolls to get you out of a sticky situation here – and it’s all the better for it.”

343 Industries recently revealed that its “targeting August 2022” to launch its campaign co-op (opens in new tab). The tea confirmed that it needed “more time” to work on Infinite’s eagerly-anticipated co-op modes (opens in new tab) last month, but, at the time, was unable to provide an estimated release window. 

While no prior Halo game has ever shipped without the ability to play couch and network co-op, the team decided to delay the release of co-op mission and Forge (opens in new tab) in Halo Infinite. Since then, both online and couch co-op has been delayed, as has Forge, and the ability to replay campaign missions (which, perhaps unsurprisingly, also now sports an August target, too).

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