Harry Styles and Florence Pugh heat up while utopia burns in first trailer for Dont Worry Darling

Warner Bros. has unveiled the first trailer for the highly-anticipated Don’t Worry Darling – which feels like The Twilight Zone meets The Truman Show with a sprinkle of Stepford Wives.

Florence Pugh plays Alice, a 1950s housewife that lives with her husband Jack (Harry Styles) in an experimental utopian community called The Victory Project. Though their life seems blissfully perfect, something starts to feel off – and Alice begins to question everything.

The unsettling trailer, which can be viewed above, paints a vibrant, picturesque world and contrasts it with exploding cars, screaming men, and another housewife potentially jumping to her death from the rooftop of her perfect home. Styles and Pugh’s sexy scenes are juxtaposed with heated arguments, including one instance where Jack tells Alice that they could “lose everything.”

Chris Pine stars as Frank, who appears in the trailer as the main champion of the Victory Project – and Alice’s main foe. The cast also includes Gemma Chan, Nick Kroll, KiKi Layne, Douglas Smith, Kate Berlant, Timothy Simons, Ari’el Stachel, and Olivia Wilde – who plays fellow housewife Mary.

The psychological thriller is directed by Wilde, with screenplay penned by Booksmart co-writer Katie Silberman based on a story by Carey and Shane Van Dyke. The film’s original score was composed by John Powell, who co-composed Jason Bourne and Solo: A Star Wars Story among hundreds of others.

Don’t Worry Darling will make its theatrical debut on September 23 before hitting HBO Max in October. For more, check our list of the most exciting upcoming movies in 2022.

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