Heading to the Isle of Spires too early in Horizon Forbidden West is certain death

The locals in Horizon Forbidden West are fully equipped to take down Aloy if she tries to explore too far too quickly.

Horizon Forbidden West is an open-world game, which normally allows players to wander around to their heart’s content. However, wandering off too quickly proves to be fatal for poor Aloy as shown by the discoveries made by Reddit user u/awsnyde. Captured in a video, the Redditor shows Aloy trying to explore the Isle of Spires, and being killed instantly by The Quen, the tribe currently dwelling in that location.

The Horizon Forbidden West map is a huge open-world experience, and it’s easy to travel around whether on a mount or by foot, but seemingly some parts are off-limit until the game tells you. At one point Aloy meets Alva, a member of the Quen tribe, who then invites her to ‘pay her a visit’. If the player does decide to take Alva up on this offer before any in-game prompt to go to the Isle of Spires, they’ll be shot down immediately, as seen in this clip. 

The Redditor was exploring the area when suddenly a voice says “turn back barbarian”. When the Redditor tries to progress further, the Quen open fire. They duck behind a building and evaluate the situation, but mere seconds later, Aloy is shot in the back by one of the Quen, putting a definitive end to the Redditor’s exploration expedition.

Aloy isn’t normally the target for NPCs, unless it’s Regalla and her rebels, who are one of the key antagonists for the game. When given the chance though, you may wonder whether to kill or save Regalla in Horizon Forbidden West.

Another cool discovery found in the game includes a fully functional sawmill, which adds character to the game’s world, and helping bring NPCs to life without needing prompts from the player. 

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