Heardle is a new Wordle clone that wants to test your video game soundtrack knowledge

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll undoubtedly have heard of Wordle. The popularity of the daily word puzzle has seen many other similarly styled games emerge in recent months. One of those is Heardle, a game that tasks you with identifying a song by listening to just a few seconds of it. And from Heardle has sprung a version that focuses solely on music found in games. 

Videogame Heardle (opens in new tab) puts your ears and knowledge of game soundtracks to the test by giving you one second of music from a particular game. You only need to guess the name of the game, not the track itself, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not incredibly difficult. Guess incorrectly or choose to skip, and you’ll get another second of sound. The clip is extended further each time you don’t correctly identify what game it’s from. You have six attempts in total, after which the hidden track will be revealed for your listening pleasure.

If you’re knowledgeable on the soundtracks of one particular franchise rather than game music as a whole, there are Heardles for this too. A Sonic fan has created a Heardle (opens in new tab) dedicated solely to the Blue Blur that follows the same rules as the original. Similarly, Resident Evil Heardle (opens in new tab) tests your knowledge of songs from Capcom’s survival horror series. And for fans of Square Enix’s RPGs, there are Heardles for both the Final Fantasy (opens in new tab) and Kingdom Hearts (opens in new tab) series. There’s also one dedicated to the many adventures of Nintendo’s stubby pink mascot, Kirby (opens in new tab)

Heardle is far from the only game-inspired Wordle clone. High Score Day challenges your peepers to identify games using screenshots.

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