Herman Miller X Logitech G Nevi review: “Chic, premium, and built to last”

The Herman Miller X Logitech Nevi gaming desk is a premium tabletop that continues the collaboration between Herman Miller (and all its furniture acumen) with Logitech G (and its gaming expertise).

Much like the excellent Herman Miller X Logitech Embody gaming chair, the Nevi has the finish, quality, and ergonomic qualities that make it a fine companion to the brand’s seat, but also a great desk. However, like the chair, it too has a high price of admission: £1,200 in the UK and about $1,200 (opens in new tab) in the USA*. But does paying more mean that you’ll always get more when it comes to the best gaming desks and best standing desks? Well, yes. But also, in a way, no.

(* – The Nevi is available at Herman Miller USA, but the gaming-specific desk now seem to be the ‘Motia (opens in new tab)‘ – a very similar, though not identical desk.)

Assembly & Design

Herman Miller X Logitech G Nevi desk review

(Image credit: Future/Rob Dwiar)

The Nevi is a solid unit in every way and that is evident in the construction steps it requires, the time it takes, and in the feel of every part that you take out of the boxes. The legs are robust black steel and are very weighty indeed which inspires confidence, and the surface is a beautiful matte black. Herman Miller calls it a Black PerfectSense Topmatt, and it oozes luxury. 

One always worries that if construction is involved, small discrepancies will appear – in a desk this might result in small wobbles or loose bits, for example – but that’s not the case here. While the construction takes a little while given all the parts, the instructions are clear, and after around 2 hours you have a premium desk ready to use. This might seem like a time sink but I found that to be agreeable for a premium bit of furniture – I’d rather take a bit of time and get it right! The only slightly tricky part of the construction was getting the cables of the desk’s own electronics to align in the units on the underside of the surface but some gentle persuasion helped.

It’s a small shame that two specific tools that are needed don’t come included like most other furniture – a long magnetic screwdriver to screw in hidden screws, and a particular, larger-sized hex key – but these are relatively specialist tools for flat pack furniture so I can simultaneously see why they don’t. But, given the outlay the Nevi requires, it might have been a nice touch to include them.

Adjustability, Comfort, & Performance

Herman Miller X Logitech G Nevi desk review

(Image credit: Future/Rob Dwiar)

Once you have built it, the Nevi comes in at 1500mm x 750mm in terms of its main desk space which I think is perfect goldilocks territory: not too small, and not too big. The latter can be a problem with gaming desks when some brands take a ‘more is more’ approach, and the former can be a by-product of those desks aimed more at a ‘normal’ office setup. There’s plenty of room on here for a double monitor setup, and either a laptop or PC too, and if you have one ultrawide or otherwise curved monitor and machine, then you’ll be laughing too. I’m really enjoying having the extra desk space to stretch out – though I am wary of filling it, as the black aesthetic is very cool and pleasing on the eye.

Herman Miller X Logitech G Nevi desk review

(Image credit: Future/Rob Dwiar)

As I mentioned above, the Nevi is a standing desk and is adjustable through its simple controls and satisfying electric motors. The desk can go from a lowest height of 650mm to a highest of 1250mm. I keep it at the highest setting for when I’m standing – I’m 6ft2 – and around the 750/800mm height for sitting. The motors are satisfying but also sensibly deployed with there being an ever so slight delay before each press is enacted, and a slowing down as you release or as the desk reaches either of its extremes. There’s also a collision monitor underneath which stops any unfortunate accidents before it’s too late. The controls are of a very simple nature: just up and down buttons and the ability to store a height or two – there are no wider memory settings or extra like USB ports that other premium (and no-to premium) desks do include.

The Nevi is, unsurprisingly, a brilliant companion for, and is clearly cut from the same cloth as, the Embody gaming chair. Given that that chair is easily one of the best gaming chairs we’ve tested, the combination means you can have an entire, premium setup. It even looks like they’ve been designed with each other in mind: the Embody fits neatly underneath the desk when the Nevi is at its highest position, keeping the chair out of your way.

Herman Miller X Logitech G Nevi desk review

Cat not included. (Image credit: Future/Rob Dwiar)

A small extra augmentation can be had with the Nevi through the addition of the Ollin arm. This third element completes the triumvirate of chic black gaming furniture and completes the ergonomic gaming set from Herman Miller.

Herman Miller Ollin

(Image credit: Future/Rob Dwiar)

This is a fine monitor arm, as such things go, with solid and robust arm-lets, a neat and tidy stand that doesn’t take up too much room, and a handy adjustable tension-meter that you can alter depending on the weight of your monitor. It’s a premium arm and will ensure the ergonomic design through this set of furniture is continued to the exact placement of your screen, ensuring posture and eye health is promoted.

I wish this too had some flashes of Logitech blue on it, though, in truth, this is a Herman Miller addition to the set rather than a collaboration.

Herman Miller Ollin

(Image credit: Future/Rob Dwiar)

Should you buy the Herman Miller X Logitech G Nevi Gaming Desk

The Nevi is a deceptively simple gaming desk but it does everything it needs to very well indeed. The ergonomics of a sturdy and spacious sit-stand desk have improved my life and posture no end and the look and design are very likely to please most folks.

But yes, the price will just flat-out put some people off – especially with folks tightening their belts right now. There’s no escaping the fact that this is the price of a gaming PC itself – but this outlay only gets you the furniture to put said machine on top of. You could get several Flexispot E7 standing desks for the Nevi’s price tag, for example, too, such is the necessary investment here. Somewhat alleviating this will be the extensive warranties – 12-years on the worksurface, and 5 years on the base.

Like the Embody this will be a deeply subjective purchasing decision for most folks. But, like the chair once again, if you’re looking to go seriously premium in your setup, the Nevi is an attractive proposition for those that have the budget, and premium ergonomics in mind. And if you have the chair already then it makes an even better addition to your setup. The Nevi is undoubtedly a great gaming desk that’s chic, premium, and built to last – and if you throw in the Ollinn monitor arm too, then your ergonomic setup will be complete. I’m pleased to have my setup altered for the better by them.

How we tested the Herman Miller X Logitech G Nevi Gaming Desk

I tested the Herman Miller X Logitech G Nevi gaming desk by incorporating it wholesale into my work and PC-play setup. As a result, I use the desk for many, many hours almost every day and have learned to live with it as a permanent addition to my home.

Timing the build and setup change, I was able to compare it directly to my normal, ‘regular’ corner desk that I had before, and did so in a very timely manner, ensuring I could experience the change that a standing desk offers.

You can read more about how we test gaming desks and chairs as well as how we make all our recommendations in the full GamesRadar+ Hardware Policy.

Remember you’ll need a top machine to go with your new desk so check out our guides to the best gaming laptop and best gaming PC money can buy right now.

Reviewed in conjunction with a Razer Blade 15 laptop (opens in new tab) supplied by Razer.

The Verdict


4 out of 5

Herman Miller X Logitech G Nevi Gaming Desk

The Herman Miller X Logitech G Nevi is a premium gaming desk in every sense of the word and that extends to a hefty price tag – however, it is seriously nice. Its premium build, feel, and finish, and build are superb, while it is a beautiful sit-to-stand desk with strong motors.

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