Hidden Dying Light 2 blueprint lets players use a literal finger gun

Dying Light 2 developer Techland has hidden a Dead Island Easter egg blueprint in the game which lets players use a literal finger gun to take out zombies. 

As spotted by PC Gamer (opens in new tab), The Left Finger of gloVa blueprint – also known as the finger gun blueprint – is a direct reference to not only Techland’s previous game Dead Island but also to a reference to lead game programmer on the game Bartosz “Glova” Kulon. If you played the first Dying Light game, you’ll also remember the weapon The Right Hand of GloVA – which the new version was clearly inspired by. 

To use this weapon in Dying Light 2, players must find its blueprint hidden in a skyscraper based in the Garrison District. Before you head straight there though, you should finish the story mission Broadcast to obtain the grappling hook, which will help you get to the right building. 

According to PC Gamer, players should head to the top of VNC Tower and look off to the side of the building. Here is where you’ll see another skyscraper with a long antenna in the distance as well as a parachute hanging off the corner of the building. Head over to that roof using your glider, solve the cable puzzle, get access to the developer room (which is full of Techland Easter eggs) and the blueprint will be yours.

In other Dying Light news, yesterday Techland revealed that Dying Light 2 will receive a number of new fixes over the coming days. This follows the previous hotfixes that were deployed for the game over the weekend. We aren’t sure as of yet what these fixes will fix however there have been a number of issues to do with game-crashing bugs on PC, as well as connectivity issues during multiplayer for PlayStation players. 

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