Where to find Poseidon in Horizon Forbidden West

 If you want to know where to find Poseidon in Horizon Forbidden West, there’s an easy answer to pinning down Gaia’s subordinate function AI in the Las Vegas Ruins. The desert has been decimated by machines and the environment since the fall of humanity, now reduced to rubble with the AI subroutine Poseidon lurking somewhere beneath them. Aloy recognises early on that it’s probably found beneath the city somewhere, but finding your way down isn’t easily done, especially with low visibility and no clear markers in Horizon Forbidden West. Not to worry though, we can show you how to find the Poseidon AI in the Horizon Forbidden West Las Vegas Ruins below.

Where to find the Poseidon AI in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West poseidon las vegas ruins

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Once you hit Vegas in Horizon Forbidden West, a large area will be marked on your map to be searched, but where you should look isn’t clear and it’s easy to get turned around. Not to worry though – just follow the map above and you should find what you’re looking for, a large pagoda-like building that’s dribbling water. Aloy will even comment on the “Tower of Tears” as you approach (check below for an exact image of what you’re looking for).

How to get the Poseidon AI

Horizon Forbidden West poseidon las vegas ruins

(Image credit: Sony)

Once you get to the tower, grapple hook up to the next level and go inside to meet three new NPCs. They’ve found a way down beneath the city, wanting to plunder it for treasure, but need help to explore it safely. By pursuing their questline, they’ll help you reach Poseidon and remove the obstacles to its location. It’s arguably the first time that somebody in Vegas made a deal with complete strangers that ended up being totally honest and above board.

Nonetheless, by following this questline you’ll eventually find Poseidon, which takes you below the city into a new area. However, the Tower of Tears also acts as a useful hub area, with a campfire, workbench, stash box, and even a merchant, allowing you to perform all the essential tasks from this new area. Make sure to make good use of all of this before you go down beneath the city, which ends up being one of the tougher challenges you’ll have encountered so far.

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