Horizon Forbidden West gets three fancy new graphics options on PS5

Horizon Forbidden West has a brand new patch introducing new PS5 features like variable refresh rates and a “Balanced” graphics mode.

Just the new patch for Guerrilla’s sequel launched just earlier today on July 6. Headlining the new update for Horizon Forbidden West is undoubtedly the launch of a variable refresh rate (VRR) graphics mode, which enables dynamic resolution scaling on 60Hz-enabled TVs.

Highly-requested features incoming… Introducing Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), High Refresh Rate (HFR) and our new “Balanced” Graphics Mode supporting 40Hz. 🗒️ Read the full Patch Notes here: https://t.co/4ls0b3Par6#HorizonForbiddenWest pic.twitter.com/RDBlUmIEzDJuly 6, 2022

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Next, there’s the launch of a high refresh rate (HFR) mode. Unlike the VRR mode, the HFR actually boosts the frame rate of Horizon Forbidden West a considerable amount on enabled TVs, meaning you could potentially be playing Aloy’s latest adventure at 120Hz on capable TVs.

There’s also a “Balanced” graphics mode for Horizon Forbidden West in the new patch. This mode, unlike the other two modes, actually scales the frame rate of the sequel back from 60Hz, and instead levels things out at 40Hz, while presumably providing other graphical upsides to the scaled-down FPS (which Guerrilla doesn’t mention in the new Reddit (opens in new tab) post announcing the patch). 

Elsewhere throughout the new patch, there’s a slate of fixes for Aloy’s adventure on both PS4 and PS5 consoles. Just like other patches we’ve previously seen for Horizon Forbidden West, this one contains a wide swathe of bug fixes and crashes, specifically aimed at certain side and main quests throughout the huge game which couldn’t be progressed due to a bug. 

With this new patch though, players shouldn’t have any problem progressing quests like The Wings of the Ten, All That Remains, The Broken Sky, Shadow in the West, Night of Lights, and many other missions. 

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