Horizon Forbidden West player uses a rock to defeat every enemy in the game

Rocks are a handy tool in Horizon Forbidden West. Found literally everywhere, they are normally used to create a distraction that allows Aloy to get the drop on enemies or sneak by them unnoticed. But for one Horizon Forbidden West fan, they are the game’s best weapon. 

LittleSix posted a video on YouTube that sees them kill each of Horizon Forbidden West’s enemies using a rock. From the lowly Grazer to the mighty Tremortusk, every enemy type is taken out with a simple stone. You can see Aloy in full swing in the video below. 

Whittling down enemies’ health bars to the exact point necessary for a rock to finish them off clearly took a lot of skill and dedication. And, as the player reveals on the Horizon subreddit (opens in new tab), things didn’t always go smoothly:

“I can’t tell you the sheer number of times I got a machine low, only for an extraneous factor to kill it. Passing NPC’s who decide to ‘help’, my ropecaster suddenly doing damage, getting a critical hit when I didn’t want one, accidentally placing a trap, environmental kills that were the machine’s own doing, my mount deciding to attack, machines despawning, even had a dust devil kill a Dreadwing.”

A forbidden area of the Forbidden West has been discovered, which players think could be the site of future DLC.

There’s a lot to do in Aloy’s latest adventure, and quests, whether big or small, are worth completing. Find out how Horizon Forbidden West nails its open world by making every side quest matter.

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