Horizon TV show gets an official name and crewmembers from The Boys and What We Do in the Shadows

Horizon 2074 has quietly been confirmed via a website listing, and its primary crew have also been detailed.

As first reported by Jeff Grubb via Twitter (opens in new tab) yesterday on October 28, the Director’s Guild of Canada website (opens in new tab) for the Ontario region has just updated its website to list “Horizon 2074” as filming in the area at some point in the future. You might recall that earlier this month, Grubb alleged Horizon 2074 was the name of the TV series, and would be filming in Canada.

Now, this has been confirmed by the Director’s Guild of Canada. The new listing on the website also reveals 27 total crew members for Horizon 2074, including Assistant Director’s who’ve previously worked on The Boys, What We Do in the Shadows, and Star Trek Discovery, as well as several Art Directors with credits including The Umbrella Academy.

Aside from that however, details on the adaptation are scant. There’s no indication when Horizon 2074 could possibly be shooting in Ontario, Canada, nor are there any details on what the show could focus on. Right now, all we have to go is Grubb’s previous report, which claimed the TV show would focus on the fall of the Old Ones, before the events of the two games. 

Earlier this year in May, Sony first announced the Horizon TV adaptation, and revealed it would be heading exclusively to Netflix. Additionally, Sony also announced a God of War TV adaptation would be produced for Amazon Prime, and while a Gran Turismo adaptation for TV was also unveiled, it wasn’t revealed which network or streaming service the new show would be heading to.

This is all alongside The Last of Us TV show, which just wrapped filming earlier this month in June. 

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