How long is Eastward?

If you’re wondering how long is Eastward, you’re no doubt on the fence about diving into this new adventure from developer Pixpil and Stardew Valley publisher. But you shouldn’t be. Eastward tells the story of John and Sam –  John being the silent father-figure to the white-haired ball of joy that is Sam – as they embark upon an unexpected journey. It does a brilliant job to weave the story initially with no clear overarching goal, with you as a player just following the events that happen to the duo, with plenty of unexpected narrative twists to enjoy.

It’s a unique-looking pixelart RPG that draws heavily on the likes of the Legend of Zelda and the classic JRPG Earthbound. You’ll solve puzzles and take down monsters and other bosses by utilizing the melee and ranged weapons John has in his arsenal and the kinetic powers that Sam discovers she has. You’ll also meet a whole host of brilliantly bizarre characters along the way too. 

All of that ensures that Eastward is much longer than your average indie game, so settle in.

How long is Eastward? 

On average, gamers are reporting that it’s taking between 30-40 hours to complete Eastward. My personal playthrough took 33 hours, and that was with plenty of exploration involved. 

But, Eastward also includes a game within a game in the form of a turn-based RPG, so you can also lose plenty of hours playing that if you were so inclined. 

The game is well-paced and although I personally found the ending a little disappointing, you won’t regret the hours you can sink into this one. 

Regardless of whether you decide to give Eastward a go, why not check out our pick of the best mini-games within games that offer up the most entertaining detours.

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