How long is Kena Bridge of Spirits?

How long is Kena Bridge of Spirits? The fairytale adventure game is out now, offering players the chance to explore a colourful fantasy world and help lost spirits find their way to the other side, all the while battling corruption and supernatural darkness as they go. But how much time does it take to complete the game? We’ll go through the Kena length below, whether you’re playing Bridge of Spirits casually or as a completionist.

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Kena Bridge of Spirits story length

If you’re just planning on doing Kena Bridge of Spirits through the main campaign and plot, it should take you between eight and eleven hours, depending on how much difficulty you have and how much side activity you try out. Kena is a shorter game than average, though it’s matched by a smaller price tag to reflect that. And, as mentioned, there’s a fair amount of completionist activity to try out.

Kena Bridge of Spirits kappa boss fight

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Kena Bridge of Spirits full completionist length

If you’re determined to find all the hidden Rot, hats, secret chests and more, it’ll take you at least twelve hours to complete, and maybe up to fifteen depending on your own personal pace or level of success (though likely not longer than this). And of course, this doesn’t include any attempts you’ll make on different difficulty levels or playthroughs.

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