How to transfer Bethesda Launcher games to Steam

If you want to know how to transfer Bethesda Launcher games to Steam, we’ll lay that out below. The Bethesda Launcher service will be shut down at some point in the future and thus Bethesda are allowing users to transfer any games they own to their Steam accounts – because frankly, everything and everyone ends up on Steam eventually. Basic law of the cosmos, that is.

Nonetheless, we’ll explain below how to transfer your games from Bethesda to Steam, as well as what you need, the limitations, and any time restraints on the whole process.

How to transfer games from Bethesda Launcher to your Steam account

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To transfer any games you own under your Bethesda Launcher account to your Steam account, you need to do the following:

  • Log into
  • Go into “Account Management”
  • Then go into “Linked Accounts”
  • Choose to add a new account for Steam
  • Enter the details of the Steam account you want to send your games to
  • Now go to the dedicated page for the Transfer Library process
  • Your Steam account should be autoselected. If not, select “Link a different steam account”.
  • Otherwise, select “Start Steam Transfer.”
  • Confirm you want the process to go ahead.
  • Once completed, the games should be visible within your Steam account.

This is a relatively simple process, especially if the two accounts are already linked, though it may take some time depending on the quantity of games and information you have to send across – as in, Bethesda literally suggests you go away and come back later.

Also, make sure the accounts are correct! This process cannot be undone and your games will no longer be accessible on the Bethesda Launcher after transferring them – so make sure they’re going to the account you want them to.

Do save files and progression transfer?

Yes, Bethesda have said that they will, but there’s some caveats – certain games may require specific processes to transfer them across, while others transfer your progress automatically, depending on the game. Fortunately, there’s a page on what’s required – if anything – for each individual game save file here.

Can I still play games on Bethesda Launcher?

No, as mentioned, you cannot play games on Bethesda Launcher after the transfer. The process effectively copies all the information, at least as we understand it, from your account to Steam, then deletes the original in Bethesda’s databases. Once the transfer is over, your Bethesda Launcher won’t be of any use.

Is Bethesda Launcher shutting down?

Yes, but don’t worry – Bethesda Launcher will shut down on May 11th, giving players a two-week window to “enjoy” the launcher, and accounts will still very much be active. Players who don’t trigger the transfer within that time can still go onto the site afterwards and trigger it then.

“Account Linking Failed. Please Retry or Contact Customer Support for Assistance” error explained

If you’re trying to link your accounts and struggling with the error mentioned above, by far the most common explanation is that the account is already associated with another Bethesda account – and it can’t be linked to two of them. Fortunately there’s an “Unlink Accounts” option in the “Linked Accounts” section of your Bethesda profile that should resolve the issue – otherwise try contacting Bethesda directly.

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