Nintendo Switch deals crash to record low prices at Amazon

We just don’t see Nintendo Switch deals like this. You can currently save $40 on the standard edition console right now at Amazon, in a record breaking discount (and the first major price cut we’ve seen). That means the Nintendo Switch is available for just $259.99 right now (was $299) (opens in new tab), though we don’t know how long this offer will hold out. 

That’s because this is the first time we’ve seen the flagship console taking such a significant discount. Nintendo Switch deals usually come in the form of bundles, and even they have been difficult to find during the last couple of years’ worth of stock troubles. We’d recommend heading over to Amazon as soon as possible if you’ve had your eye on a set of Joy-Con, then, this price could jump back up at any moment. 

It seems the US is catching up to similar Nintendo Switch deals in the UK and Europe, where (in the former) the console took a similar permanent price cut from £279 to £259 late last year. However, other US retailers don’t seem to be matching this price right now, so it doesn’t look like this offer is here to stay. 

This price cut is certainly long overdue. We’ve never seen that $299 MSRP waver in all these years, and even Nintendo Switch bundles rarely offer too much in the way of savings. However, we did see Nintendo Switch OLED stock dropping its price earlier this year, in a round of surprise discounts. 

You’ll find more information on this offer just below, and plenty more Nintendo Switch deals across the console range further down the page. 

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Nintendo Switch | $299 $259.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $40 – We certainly don’t see Nintendo Switch deals like this every day, so we don’t know how long this offer will last. However, you’ll currently find the standard Nintendo Switch available for $40 off at Amazon. This console has held firm to its $299 MSRP since launch all those years ago, so this is a stunning offer.

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Should you buy the standard edition Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch

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The standard edition featured in today’s Nintendo Switch deals is now in the middle of the console range. The cheaper Nintendo Switch Lite comes in at just $199, but doesn’t offer docked play through a TV. However, the premium Nintendo Switch OLED ticks all the way up to $349, adding a premium OLED display panel, larger screen, and improved kickstand. There’s no doubt about it, the Nintendo Switch OLED is the best handheld experience available right now. However, if you’re going to be playing in docked mode primarily, there’s no difference between the two devices. 

If you’re not going to be using your Nintendo Switch in handheld mode for the majority of the time, the value on offer at this $259.99 sales price in unparalleled. You’re spending nearly $100 less by sacrificing that flashy display, and still getting the same core console under the hood. 

Similarly, these Nintendo Switch deals also price the Lite model out of the equation. Considering the additional benefit of docking your device to a larger TV, and the fact that you’re paying just $60 more for the pleasure of doing so (alongside removable controllers and a larger screen), the full console is far better value for money as its stands today. 

More of today’s best Nintendo Switch deals

Whether you’re after cheaper Nintendo Switch Lite deals or that glossy OLED display, you’ll find all the latest prices across the console range just below. 

We’re also getting you prepped with all the best Nintendo Switch accessories and the latest Nintendo Switch Online membership prices as well. If you’re raring to load up eShop, though, we’d recommend taking a look at the best Nintendo Switch memory cards as well. 

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