Intel CEO on Arc Alchemist combatting graphics card shortages: “We are on it”

Intel CEO Patric Gelsinger has responded (opens in new tab) to PC Gamer’s open letter (opens in new tab) regarding the current GPU crisis: “We are on it”. 

This response succeeded a reply from Intel’s Chief Architect Raja Koduri who reinforced that the manufacturer is on a mission of “getting millions of Arc GPUs in the hands of PC gamers every year”. 

I am with you, @pcgamer. This is a huge issue for PC gamers and the industry at large. @IntelGraphics is working hard to find a path towards the mission – getting millions of Arc GPUs into the hands of PC gamers every year 29, 2022

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On the surface, this is certainly encouraging news from both Intel’s senior vice president and CEO respectively, as the company has reiterated its intentions to want to get Intel Arc Alchemist GPUs in as many machines as possible. A new shake-up in the field of the best graphics cards could be on the horizon sooner rather than later. 

However, whether the hardware manufacturer can deliver on these lofty promises at a time where both Nvidia and AMD have fallen victim to serious supply chain issues and production problems over the best part of two years remains to be seen. 

I am with you, too @pcgamer. We are on it. 29, 2022

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Can the company deliver on this Intel Arc GPU promise?

Intel Arc GPU

(Image credit: Intel)

If the two most recent graphics card launches from AMD and Nvidia have taught us anything it’s that even the biggest players in the game are continuing to struggle. Last month, both the Radeon RX 6500 XT and RTX 3050 were released in incredibly short supply across only a handful of retailers from both Team Red and Team Green respectively. 

Momentum is certainly building for the Intel Arc Alchemist GPUs, as more PC gamers are looking to turn their attention to what could be a major player in the graphics card market. With that said, it’s certainly a bold claim from both Intel’s senior vice president and CEO on whether they can actually deliver millions of units every year at a time when GPU stock has never been more scarce.

All the information we’ve seen regarding the Intel Arc Alchemist specs and release window are encouraging for sure, especially if the promised Q1 2022 time frame is as accurate as the marketing would have us believe. Whether this projected date is the time of which prebuilt systems and laptops release, with dedicated video cards coming later, has yet to be confirmed. 

The Intel Arc Alchemist leaks we’ve observed since the chipset manufacturer unveiled its intentions have demonstrated that there’s going to be some serious power at play with its first line of video cards, allegedly being on the same performance level as the RTX 3070 Ti. 

It’s looking more likely that we’ll see Intel Arc Alchemist GPUs inside the best gaming PCs and best gaming laptops first, at least if the partnership branding on the Intel Arc website (opens in new tab) is to be taken at face value. 

With Intel Arc Alchemist dedicated video cards yet to be officially announced, we have no official word on just how many will be released and to their stock expectations, but we’ll keep you posted as we learn more as the Q1 2022 date draws ever closer. 

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