Jade Raymonds new studio is working with Mark Cerny to “push the technical capabilities” of PS5

Jade Raymond’s Haven Studios is collaborating with Sony’s Mark Cerny on its debut title, which will apparently “push the technical capabilities of PS5.”

In an English-translated interview with French publication LeDevoir (opens in new tab), Raymond gave out a few new details about Haven Studios and its debut title, still unnamed. According to Raymond, the studio has tripled in size since it made its debut in March of last year, and its hiring push isn’t finished. As for its first game, we’ve heard reports that it’s a live service game, and the interview from LeDevoir seemingly confirms that, comparing it directly to Rainbow Six: Siege.

“These environments are not just games, they are also social platforms for many players,” said Haven Studios co-founder Paola Jouyaux in the same interview. “It has to stay that way. To last, a game must remain pleasant to visit.”

It was also revealed that Mark Cerny, who was lead system architect during the development of PS4 and PS5, will be lending his expertise to Haven Studios in an effort to best utilize Sony’s latest gaming hardware.

“Our ambition will be to push the technical capabilities of the console further,” Raymond said.

“We will have the opportunity to work with people at Sony who are among the best in the world in their field. This will allow us to create the best quality games”, added Jouyaux.

Raymond is best-known for her key role in developing the original 2007 Assassin’s Creed, but her time at Ubisoft also included work on games such as Watch Dogs and Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist. She eventually left Ubisoft to join EA’s Motive Studio, before moving to Google in 2019 just before Stadia launched. Raymond announced her departure from Google in February 2021 just before Haven Studios was announced.

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