James Gunn asked for some adjustments in Thor 4

James Gunn has revealed that he asked for some changes in Thor 4. 

Gunn is currently in production on Guardians of the Galaxy 3, but those characters will first be showing up in Thor: Love and Thunder

“I asked for some things to be adjusted and they were adjusted,” the director said on Twitter (opens in new tab), in response to a question asking about his influence on the script.

The first trailer for Thor 4 confirmed that Star Lord, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Mantis, Nebula, and Drax all appear in the movie – though that wasn’t a huge surprise, as some of the actors were spotted on set previously. 

“Not much, & [Taika Waititi, director] is doing a great job – the script is amazing,” Gunn has said previously of how much input he has into the movie. “We talked before he started writing it about where the characters are & where they’re going & he read the script for Vol 3 & then I read his script & shared my thoughts.”

The trailer didn’t just show off the Guardians, though. It also gave us our first look at Natalie Portman back as Jane Foster, who is now Mighty Thor. Some official merchandise has revealed that the broken shards of Mjolnir transformed Jane into the hero, though how Thor will react to the news is anyone’s guess. 

Alongside Mighty Thor, the film will feature Christian Bale as the villainous Gorr the God Butcher. Russell Crowe is also playing another thunder god: Zeus. 

Thor: Love and Thunder arrives this July 8. In the meantime, check out our ultimate guide to Marvel Phase 4 for everything else the MCU has in store for us. 

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