Jamie Foxxs new Netflix movie is basically John Wick meets Blade

A first look at Netflix’s new Jamie Foxx movie has been released as part of Geeked Week. The featurette promises epic stunts balanced with supernatural horror as Foxx channels his inner Buffy to play a vampire hunter in Day Shift.

He plays as Bud Jablonski, who’s described as a hardworking dad trying to provide for his daughter. But he’s hiding a secret – his job as a pool-cleaner in the San Fernando Valley is actually a front for his vampire hunting business. 

We see Foxx in action as a badass vampire hunter in the short clip in a series of epic fight sequences. This is all masterminded by director J.J. Perry, who is making his directorial debut after his work as a stuntman.

The behind-the-scenes look features gunfights, car chases, and motorcycle stunts – all balanced with a healthy dose of fanged fiends. And if those fights look similar to John Wick, that’s because Perry actually worked as a stuntman on John Wick and John Wick: Chapter 2. It seems like he’ll be bringing this expertise of the intricacies of practical stunts to the new movie. 

“We’re making something that you’ve never seen before,” Foxx promises. “It’s fun – and the stuff that you see is amazing, and it’s practical. We way J.J. uses all of his stuntwomen and men is brilliant so I cannot wait for people to get a dose of this.”

The featurette also sees other stars in action including Dave Franco, Steve Howley, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, and Oliver Masucci. The movie comes out as part of Netflix’s summer slate of films on August 12.

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