Jurassic World Dominion director Colin Trevorrow on The Bubble: “Those are not dinosaurs, they’re dragons”

A group of actors “bubble” together while making the sixth installment in a franchise film about larger-than-life creatures. That’s the satirical premise of Judd Apatow’s comedy The Bubble – and the real situation the cast of Jurassic World Dominion, the sixth movie in the Jurassic franchise, found themselves in. 

Colin Trevorrow, the director of Dominion, can hardly believe his day job became satire. Speaking to Total Film for the new issue of the magazine (opens in new tab), featuring Jurassic World on the cover, the filmmaker reveals his reaction to the Netflix movie.

“Judd showed it to me and my only beef with it is that those are not dinosaurs, they’re dragons,” chuckles the director with a shake of his head. “Dinosaurs were real. It was the only note. I was like, ‘Dinosaurs walked the Earth. I don’t know what these things are.’ But it was fun. Honestly, I never imagined that I would do anything worthy of satire. That’s one for the books, for me.”

Talking of real dinosaurs, Jurassic World Dominion will not follow the example set by the first two World movies, which featured genetic hybrids such as the Indominus rex and Indoraptor. It will instead boast only creatures that existed 65 million years ago. You can expect Velociraptors, T-rexes, and that frill-necked fan favorite, the Dilophosaurus. Other beasts include the Stygimoloch, Pyroraptor, Lystrosaurus, Dreadnoughtus, Quetzalcoatlus (seen attacking a speeding plane in the trailer), and – the big bad – Giganotosaurus, or Giga for short. 

“I felt we’d run our course with the hybrid concept,” says Trevorrow. “I also felt, from a narrative standpoint, there’s a reason why the dinosaurs in this film are more genetically accurate than the ones in the past. It’s the reason why we have feathers, it’s the reason why BioSyn in this film is pursuing the path of truly understanding the biology of these animals, and the systems of these animals. It’s because of what they could offer us pharmacologically. When you think about how we have studied animals’ biological systems throughout history, and found cures for ourselves based on what’s going on in these creatures, then you can see why animals that developed immune systems over millions of years would be attractive to a pharmaceutical company.”

Jurassic World dominion manages to bring together the stars of the Jurassic Park and World movies for a thrilling ending to the saga. Total Film spoke to Trevorrow and the cast at length about the new movie in the new issue of the magazine – which you can pre-order here (opens in new tab)!

Jurassic World Dominion opens in cinemas on June 10. Check out the new issue of Total Film (opens in new tab) when it hits shelves (and digital newsstands) this Thursday, May 26.

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