Looks like Dino Crisis is coming to the new PS Plus service as a PS Classics game

Dino Crisis could be coming to the PS Plus Premium service according to a new advertising banner.

As spotted by several Twitter users earlier today, PlayStation Network users based in Asia have been able to see a banner promoting Dino Crisis as part of the PS Plus service. However, Capcom’s classic action game isn’t part of the subscription service right now, and has never been mentioned as coming to the service in the future.

@PlayStation why do you have Dino Crisis on the cover for Classic Games but there’s NO Dino Crisis!!!!! Don’t play with my emotion like this😭😭😭😭 I want my DC back! #DinoCrisis pic.twitter.com/QW3lnUDalMMay 24, 2022

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The revamped PlayStation Plus service launched earlier this week for Asian customers on May 23, hence why users in that part of the world are now seeing this new banner. The service won’t launch for Western customers until next month, when it arrives in North America on June 13, and over a week later for European players on June 22.

Given this new image, it certainly looks like Dino Crisis will be joining the PlayStation Classics selection of the service at some point in the future. So far, PlayStation has put a limited selection of games on the backwards compatible part of the service, which is available for PS Plus Premium and Extra members, including the likes of Hot Shots Golf, Ape Escape, and more.

If you’re unfamiliar with Dino Crisis, it was originally pioneered by Resident Evil lead Shinji Mikami in the late 90s. Dino Crisis launched on the PlayStation in 1999, with a sequel, Dino Crisis 2, arriving just a year later in 2000 for the same platform. Two spin-offs launched in the following years, before Dino Crisis 3 arrived exclusively on the Xbox in 2003, skipping out PlayStation entirely.

Back in 2019, Capcom filed a new trademark for Dino Crisis, which has seen nothing come of it so far.

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