Lost Ark Chaos Gate guide to the Twisting Legion challenges

Ready for Lost Ark endgame content? The Twisting Phantom Legion Chaos Gates aren’t for the faint of heart, but they’ll come with shiny card packs, handy enhancement materials, and Legendary Secret Maps. Yes, we’re talking about the maps sold for hundreds of gold at Lost Ark’s auction house.

Safe to say, you want to enter those Lost Ark Twisting Legion challenges. But how to unlock them? Where to find them? Phantom Legion, Plague Legion, Chaos Legion… Is there a difference? 

To answer those question and more, here’s a Lost Ark Chaos Gate guide. 

How to unlock Chaos Gate events in Lost Arks

Lost Ark Chaos Gate

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If you open Procyon’s Compass (icon right beneath your mini map) after completing the main storyline in Lost Ark, it’ll tell you that Chaos Gates become available at level 50. If your level isn’t high enough yet, continue doing World Quests and participate in other endgame activities (Ghost Ships, Field Bosses) until you’re ready.

Lost Ark Chaos Gate location

Lost Ark Chaos Gate

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To find a Chaos Gate location, simply click on the ‘appearance notification info’ button in Procyon’s Compass and hover over the list of the next available Chaos Gates. You’ll see the following four names:

  • Twisting Chaos Legion
  • Twisting Darkness Legion
  • Twisting Plague Legion
  • Twisting Phantom Legion

Instead of focusing on the name though, look for the required item level and pick a Chaos Gate that matches your character. Furthermore, as the Chaos Gates appear randomly, take a good look at the schedule. If there’s no Chaos Gate scheduled for today, just try again tomorrow. 

To find the Chaos Gate location, click the little compass icon next to the name. This will open up a region map. One of the smaller map locations will light up for a moment; this is where you’ll find the Chaos Gate location. You can already fast travel to the region, but the exact spawn point is only announced when there are less than ten minutes remaining before the start of the event.

Lost Ark Chaos Gate rewards

Lost Ark Chaos Gate

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Clearing a Lost Ark Chaos Gate is rewarded with the following items:

  • Card packs. Grants a random card for your deck.
  • Rift piece. Can be exchanged for Secret Maps.
  • Rage. Skill enhancement.
  • Secret Maps. One Legendary Secret Map will be sold in the Loot Auction after the Chaos Gate boss is killed. You’ll see these go for ridiculous amounts of gold, and for good reason; you can earn this back by clearing the Secret Map dungeon and sell loot like Harmony Shards and Star’s Breath on the Market. If you don’t win the bid, don’t worry; the money paid for the Secret Map is divided over the other Chaos Gate participants.

Twisting Phantom Legion walkthrough in Lost Ark

Lost Ark Chaos Gate

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Chaos Gate events are pretty straightforward. This quick walkthrough is for the Twisting Phantom Legion Chaos Gate, but its Darkness, Plague, and Chaos colleagues are practically the same.

  • Go to the Chaos Gate location and be ready to enter as soon as it spawns. Chaos Gates are popular, but there’s only room for 30 players. Try to be quick.
  • You’ll be transported to the Phantom Lands. There’s a very short cutscene in which Kokuril, the Twisting Phantom Legion boss, calls you a weak and foolish mortal. Your goal is to take him down within twenty minutes (timer in upper left corner).
  • Break down obstacles and simply kill every enemy in your path. Stick to the group at all times. After facing some mini-bosses, you’ll soon meet Kokuril. 
  • When the boss is down, grab the loot! You can participate in the Loot Auction if you want. As mentioned before, Secret Maps are highly sought after, and the bidding often goes up to a few thousand gold. 

Lost Ark Chaos Gate tips

Lost Ark Chaos Gate

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Finally, a few more things to keep in mind:

  1. As always, bring Phoenix Plumes for instant resurrection. Plenty of healing potions too.
  2. If you experience lag, or you simply don’t want your screen to be flooded with player names and HP bars, you can turn this off in your settings. 
  3. Are there more than 30 players waiting for the Chaos Gate? Then you have to act fast if you want in. Camp in front of the Gate, close your chat window (this is important), and click ‘G’ followed by ‘enter’ as soon as the Chao Gate appears. 
  4. Are there far less than 30 players? In that case, ask people to join in the chat. Best not to enter with a small group, as you’re not likely to survive a 30-player event.

Best of luck in the Lost Ark Chaos Gate events, and don’t forget to say hi to Kokuril!

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