Lost Ark May Update details, Destroyer class, Legion Raid, and more

The Lost Ark May update is already around the corner. After welcoming the Glaivier to the roster in April, the Destroyer class is next in line, along with a new Guardian and the first ever Legion Raid. Yes, that means a new opportunity to upgrade your gear!

In addition to that, the Lost Ark May update also introduces Neria’s Wardrobe skins, new guild activities, and a lot of new content in South Vern. Here’s an overview of everything we know from the May update reveal, plus the expected release date.

Lost Ark May update release 

Lost Ark May Update

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So far, we only know that the next Lost Ark update is set to release in May. The exact date is unknown, but if the developers follow the same pattern as in April, it will be sometime near the end of the month. 

According to the developers, a sufficient portion of the player base either has the required item level to participate in the upcoming endgame content, or is “within easy striking distance to get there over the next few weeks”. That last line suggests that it will indeed be a few weeks before the next Lost Ark update launches.

Lost Ark Destroyer class

Lost Ark May Update

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Perhaps the name gave this away already, but Lost Ark’s Destroyer will join the game as an Advanced Warrior class. As a colleague to the Paladin, Gunlancer, and Berserker, this buff guy uses a massive hammer to stun and, well, destroy his enemies. 

Based on what we know, the Destroyer is a front-row Warrior whose combat role is to control his enemies’ movement. Besides his stun attacks, he’s able to slow, launch, push, and pull any unfriendly horde. 

Lost Ark Legion Raid Valtan

Lost Ark May Update

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The western version of Lost Ark is finally getting its first Legion Raid. This new eight-player co-op challenge is accessible to all players with an item level of at least 1415 (normal difficulty) or 1445 (hard difficulty).

Successful Legion Raids have a chance to award new upgrade materials with a brand-new rarity level: Relic. Great news to all players who’ve reached the current item level cap and wish to increase their gear score, right?

Lost Ark May Guardian Raid and Wild Wings Island

Lost Ark May Update

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The Legion Raid is far from the only new gameplay element in Lost Ark’s May update. Here’s what else to expect:

  • New Guardian Raid: Deskaluda. It’s similar to existing ones (played solo or in co-op), but it comes with an item level requirement of 1415. Like the Legion Raid, players will have a chance to obtain ‘Relic’ rarity jewellery. 
  • Wild Wings Island: a new island filled with war-mongering chickens. You can turn into a chicken or a beer, then go fight the Chicking Boss (we don’t make this up, honest).  
  • South Vern, which is still a bit empty, will get a lot more activities: a Chaos Gate, a Ghost Ship, Chaos Dungeons, Chaos Line Hard Mode, and the Thunderwings Field Boss.
  • Challenge Guardian Raid: a new weekly activity. According to the developer’s post, the rewards are more diverse compared to ‘normal’ Guardian Raids.
  • Guild activities: we’ll see both a new PvP and PvE guild activity arriving in May. The Island Siege is a guild vs. guild battle, while the Raid Match is a co-op boss challenge.

As many players will be happy to hear, the May update will also introduce front- and back attack indicators, which should be a huge help in finding the correct position on the battlefield.

New Lost Ark skins: Neria’s Wardrobe

Lost Ark May Update

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Finally, on to the important stuff: what’s new in the clothing department? As you can see in the picture, the new Lost Ark skin collection is all about modern looks. The developers have mentioned a selection of snapback hats, t-shirts, jeans, and flare dresses. Note that the time-limited Neria’s Wardrobe skins are obtainable for roughly one month (probably starting from the May update’s release). 

Are you excited about the new Lost Ark content? Let’s hope it arrives fast!

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