Lost Ark Morai Ruins location, walkthrough, and Mokoko Seeds

The Lost Ark Morai Ruins dungeon is the first of the bigger dungeons in the game. It’s much more challenging compared to other early-game dungeons, and not in the least because it’s filled with floor traps, wall traps, hordes of demons, and lots of hidden areas. Oh, and did we mention the final boss? The one who (very annoyingly) keeps respawning?

Whether you need the Morai Ruins location, a complete Mokoko Seeds location map, or a full dungeon walkthrough, here you go.

Lost Ark Morai Ruins location

Lost Ark Morai Ruins

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Most Lost Arks dungeons are easy to find as their names are displayed on the map. Unfortunately, the Morai Ruins dungeon is the exception to the rule. To find it, go to Yudia, the second major region you’ll come across during the main storyline. Then, click on the Saland Hill map. You’ll see a dungeon icon in the northwest; this is the entrance to Morai Ruins.

In case you’re wondering, the name displayed next to the dungeon is actually the name of the area, which is called Submerged Ruins. Since the missing dungeon name seems to cause confusion, this might be fixed in the future.

Morai Ruins Mokoko Seed locations

Lost Ark Morai Ruins

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One of the things that makes this Lost Ark dungeon so tricky, is that every single Mokoko Seed location is off-map. Use this Morai Ruins Mokoko Seed location map to find the hidden areas.

  1. Go left on the stone square. You can jump on the wooden platform after defeating the enemies.
  2. Left corner, defeat the enemies first.
  3. Can only be reached from the south. You’ll see a fallen pillar; walk down and cross the tightrope. Beware: there are two Mokoko Seeds in this location.
  4. You can destroy the doorway. Two Mokoko Seeds again.
  5. Destroy another door.
  6. Walk down another fallen pillar. Two Mokoko Seeds here.
  7. While on the smaller ridge, descend from another pillar to find two more Mokoko Seed locations.

Lost Ark Morai Ruins walkthrough

Lost Ark Morai Ruins

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While following the direction of the blue arrows on your map, you’ll come across the following enemies and other deadly things:

  1. Go inside, speak to Armen, and follow him. After the cutscene with the green light, you’ll face the first horde of demons. You need to defeat all of them before you can continue.
  2. Don’t miss Mokoko Seed location 1.
  3. Continue walking until you reach the ‘Sunken City’. Armen bails on you, but don’t worry, he’ll come back later. Go to the objectives on the map and pull the levers. 
  4. After pulling the second lever, be sure not to miss Mokoko Seed locations 2 and 3.
  5. See the spikes shooting from the ground? You can tell which spike-shooting tiles are about to impale you when they start shaking. Use dash to cross faster.
  6. Defeat the mini-boss: Ramos. Walk back a bit if you don’t want to face all his minions at once. If you defeat the boss, all the remaining minions will disappear.
  7. You’ll come across a moving wall trying to crush you. Go as far as you can, then go backwards when the wall starts shaking.
  8. Don’t skip Mokoko Seed location 4 and 5 before going on the platform and crossing the water.
  9. After crossing, keep an eye out for Mokoko Seed location 6 and 7.
  10. You’ll see a large horde of demons after a short cutscene. If you keep your distance (stick to the right), you can take them down in smaller groups.
  11. Next, go inside the gold chamber and defeat Thanatos.

How to defeat Thanatos in the Lost Ark Morai Ruins dungeon

Lost Ark Morai Ruins

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Finally, we’re ready to face the big bad guy in Morai Ruins. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Take out the minions first.
  2. Defeat Thanatos. Unfortunately, he’ll respawn after a heroic comeback from Armen. Just defeat him again.
  3. When Thanatos is down the second time, pick up the mirror in the middle of the room, then hold it in the light. You need to drag the light beam towards Thanatos. Keep aiming at him for as long as possible, and he’ll be defeated (permanently, this time). If you’re too slow, he’ll respawn and you’ll have to take him down again.
  4. Grab the sword seal to trigger a cutscene and complete the Morai Ruins dungeon.

Congratulations, you’ve completed the trickiest dungeon in early-game Lost Ark!  

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