How to beat the Lost Ark Rudric Boss, location, respawn time, combat tips

‘Rudric location where?’ is a pretty common question in the Lost Ark chat. That’s no surprise, because Rudric is the first World Boss you’ll come across. Defeating him will tick off a box in your Adventure Tome, which is great for achievement hunters and anyone who likes rewards. 

Here’s the problem: the game doesn’t tell you where to find Rudric. To save you from an endless search, here’s the Rudric Boss location, his spawn time, and how to defeat him. Good luck!

Who is Rudric in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark Rudric Boss

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Since plenty of people are asking this question in the game’s chat, let’s quickly address it: Rudric is a World Boss and defeating him ticks off a box in your Adventurer’s Tome. Basically, he’s one of the first big bad guys who spawns sporadically, prompting other players to share his whereabouts while in-game. 

That’s the practical answer at least. In the Lost Ark lore, Rudric was once a High Priest from the Holy Sacrian Empire. The Empire fell, and so did Rudric. Not before dabbling in forbidden magic and accidentally turning himself into a mindless corpse- and soul-eater though. Rudric has since taken up residence in a lovely graveyard, doomed to forever fight Lost Ark players looking for loot. 

Rudric location and respawn time in Lost Ark

Lost Ark Rudric Boss

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Rudric only spawns in the Graveyard, an area part of the Rethramis Border map (see picture). He isn’t glued to one particular spot, but he always stays within the red circle marked on the right. Rethramis Border is the fourth area you’ll come across after completing the prologue in Lost Ark, so you’ll be able to find Rudric pretty early on.

Going to the right place isn’t the trickiest part of taking down your first Lost Ark World Boss though. The real difficulty is finding him while he’s actually alive (or wandering around, at least). Rudric has a respawn time of 30 minutes, and he doesn’t tend to live long before players take him down.

If you don’t see anything upon arrival in the Graveyard, you can either wait or (and this is better) try changing channels in the upper right corner of your screen. Keep switching until you find one with a fresh Rudric. 

Rudric drops and rewards

Lost Ark Rudric Boss

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You’re not going to fight a Lost Ark World Boss for free, are you? Rudric drops the following items:

  • Health potions
  • Silver
  • Random equipment
  • A first clearance loot box filled with three pieces of epic gear, one epic accessory, a Secret Map, Eternity Essence, and a Rudric Card.

How to defeat Rudric in Lost Ark

Lost Ark Rudric Boss

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Although we’d admire your bravery, it’s probably better to stay away from Rudric if you’re the only one present. As long as there are plenty of other players fighting alongside you, he doesn’t stand a chance. Still, you might want to keep the following Rudric combat tips in mind: 

  1. Make sure you have plenty of health potions and Phoenix Feathers (instant revival) on you. If you want to deal damage without coming too close, take some bombs with you as well. A Swiftness Robe (increased movement speed) or Camouflage Robe (providing a temporary disguise) are helpful too.
  2. When Rudric summons his minions, it’s best to stay away from him and take down the smaller undead first.
  3. Rudric is quite slow and mostly relies on melee attacks, so if your character is a ranged class, you’re in luck. Melee classes should try to get behind Rudric, land some powerful blows, and then dodge away.
  4. There’s one area-of-effect attack that you should watch out for in particular. A double blue circle will form around Rudric and hit every player within that circle. You can dodge away, but it’s actually better to dodge towards Rudric as he can’t hit those directly next to him. It’s a great chance to hit him.

Best of luck on your Lost Ark Rudric hunt! 

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