Mario Kart Tour dataminers think the racing game is coming to PC

Mario Kart Tour fans reckon the mobile racing game could soon be playable on PC thanks to officially supported emulation. 

As spotted by ResetEra user MondoMega (opens in new tab), dataminers over on a fan-run Discord (opens in new tab) channel have found a series of hints pointing towards the possibility in Mario Kart Tour’s latest update. The first discovery to raise some eyebrows was the addition of mouse support as an input method. While that could be for development purposes, dataminers flag that further references to native emulation support have also appeared. 

The timing coincides somewhat with an Android initiative called Google Play Games for PC. If you need a refresher, Google unveiled the project at The Game Awards (opens in new tab) last year with a broad 2022 release window. In short,  the platform brings Android games to PC using “high performing” emulation with Android and Chrome OS cross-device play from a single codebase. At the time of writing, the platform is currently in beta.  (opens in new tab)

Others also point to Microsoft’s solution for Android apps on the Windows Store, which comes through Amazon App Store support on Windows 11. While signs certainly point towards the possibility, it’s worth noting that Nintendo hasn’t confirmed anything yet. We’ve contacted Nintendo for comment and will update this story if we hear back. 

More officially, Mario Kart Tour’s latest update (opens in new tab) has laid the groundwork for a big new bonus challenge called Big Reverse Race vs 100. If you don’t fancy waiting to check it out, one fan has used mods to load the challenge early (opens in new tab). As ever, be wary of spoilers. 

In other news, Nintendo has increased security (opens in new tab) following 2020’s “gigaleak”.

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