Spider-Man gets a new Fortnite style costume with a Secret Wars homage

Marvel and Fortnite’s Zero War crossover comic launches on June 8, and those who pick up a copy will be introduced to a new Fortnite Spider-Man Zero costume which they’ll then be able to wear in-game while playing Fortnite thanks to a special code included with Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War #1 (opens in new tab)

Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War promo art

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And speaking of that new costume, it makes its debut in a newly released promo image from Ron Lim and Israel Silva which pays homage to Mike Zeck’s famous cover to Secret Wars #8 (opens in new tab), the issue which introduced Spider-Man’s black costume which turned out to be the symbiote that would eventually become Venom.

Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War will run for five issues, and is written by well-known Marvel writer Christos Gage along with Fortnite developer Epic Games’ chief creative officer Donald Mustard, with art from Sergio Davila. 

The story crosses between the Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War comic as well as the Fortnite video game, with each side of the story complementing the other to form a full picture – though Marvel assures readers and gamers that each side of the story exists as its own narrative. 

Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War promo art

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

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There’s more to Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War’s Secret Wars-themed promo art than just Spider-Man getting a new costume. The original Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars (opens in new tab) limited series from 1985 was one of Marvel Comics’ first successful efforts at creating a comic that would tie into other consumer products and media from its inception. 

Secret Wars was co-created by then Marvel editor-in-chief Jim Shooter and executives from the Mattel toy company, who also produced a line of toys based specifically on the concept of Secret Wars, the same way other popular toys of the day, such as Masters of the Universe and Thundercats were based on cartoons that effectively advertised the toys.

Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War continues that tradition with its crossover story, and even more specifically with Spider-Man’s new costume which will debut in both the comic book and the video game at the same time.

Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War #1 goes on sale June 8.

Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War brings together comics and video games – a longstanding tradition. These are the best video game comics of all time.

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