Marvel fans aren’t happy about WandaVision’s Emmys snub

WandaVision rolled up to the Emmys with 23 nominations – and went home empty-handed. Some Marvel fans have reaction with equal parts disbelief and disdain for the decision to not award a gong to the MCU’s first-ever major series.

“The fact that WandaVision went home empty handed despite being HEAVILY favored to win in more than one category just proves that the genre bias is still very much alive and well,” one said on Twitter (opens in new tab).

Others paid particular attention to actors Elizabeth Olsen and Kathryn Hahn, each of whom didn’t get any official recognition for their performances.

“She deserved this award,” a viewer said (opens in new tab). On Kathryn Hahn, another (opens in new tab) called it a “travesty.”

Some even felt it was a ploy to boost Emmy viewing figures – a theory exacerbated by the changing of category orders that saw the award for Best Limited Series dished out last.

“WandaVision didn’t need the Emmys, the Emmys needed it. You don’t just nominate a show that many times and have it lose it all for no reason,” one fan said (opens in new tab)

“The Emmys are taking advantage of the ratings WandaVision is giving them,” declared another (opens in new tab). It was a sentiment present throughout on social media: “They [knew] we’d rage quit on the rest of their show if they snub Wandavision so they’re saving it for last to save viewership,” suggested one WandaVision viewer. (opens in new tab)

In a further blow to those rooting for their favorite shows, The Mandalorian also didn’t win a single Emmy on the night. The Crown, The Queen’s Gambit, and I May Destroy You were among the headline names to win big.

Awards or no awards, find out what the MCU is doing next: here’s our guide to Marvel Phase 4.

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