Marvels Wolverine narrative lead revealed as Spec Ops: The Line writer Walt Williams

The narrative director for Marvel’s Wolverine has been revealed, and they’ve previously worked on Spec Ops: The Line. 

Walt Williams recently put out a tweet (opens in new tab) alerting his followers to a change in his bio, signifying a promotion on the project he’s currently working on. Williams’ new bio reads: “Narrative Director on #WolverinePS5” when it previously said: “Story lead on #WolverinePS5.”

I’m too old and tired to figure out how to do a bio change video, but this happened today so that’s fun. 19, 2022

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In his new role, Williams will be responsible for driving the development of the overall story, its characters, and the universe they exist in. Of course, he won’t be doing it alone as there’s also a number of other creatives working on the project, but what it does mean is that Marvel’s Wolverine may have a recognisable Williams-flair to its story. 

If you’re wondering where else you may have seen Williams’ work, the rest of the writer’s bio contains a number of other project he has worked on. This includes Star Wars Squadrons, Battlefront 2, Significant Zero, and probably most recognisably Spec Ops: The Line. So if you’re already a fan of these games, chances are you’ll at least enjoy Marvel’s Wolverine’s story. 

In terms of where we are in Marvel’s Wolverine’s production, it looks like developer Insomniac may be starting the mo-cap process soon – if it hasn’t done so already. According to a tweet by lead animator at the studio, Mike Yosh, motion capture was due to begin as of last month. We still have a way to go to wait for Marvel’s Wolverine which, at the time of writing this, doesn’t even have a release window yet. 

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