Mass Effect Legendary Edition mod fixes Mass Effect 2s strangest bugs

A Mass Effect Legendary Edition mod has corrected many of Mass Effect 2’s biggest oddities.

Last year’s Mass Effect Legendary Edition included a modernized version of Mass Effect 2 that ironed out a lot of the bugs present in the sci-fi series’ ground-breaking sequel. Nonetheless, some odd niggles have carried over from the original game, which launched in 2010. But these unusual issues can now be a thing of the past, thanks to the Unofficial LE2 patch (opens in new tab).

Available via NexusMods, this extensive mod fixes one of the game’s biggest inconsistencies, the memory of Commander Shepard’s overenthusiastic fan, Conrad Verner. No matter how you responded to Conrad in the first Mass Effect, he acted like you took the Renegade approach and stuck a gun in his face when you encountered him again in Mass Effect 2. Thanks to the patch, Conrad now remembers if you previously happened to be nice to him.

Other bizarre occurrences fixed by the Unofficial LE2 patch include: ‘Hammerhead will no longer scream like an undead nightmare when mining nodes’ and ‘Joker will not A-Pose behind Shepard while paying respects to the fallen if any squadmates died during the Suicide Mission.’ Various typos have also been corrected, and many weird visual issues have been rectified. For instance, Vorcha’s eyes are now safely in their sockets rather than bulging out, Asari no longer has human hands, male Quarians can now blink, and there’s no longer a random cube floating in the Presidium lake. 

Also, Normandy crew members Ashley and Joker have thankfully had their eyelashes restored. Meanwhile, Asari Commando Shiala has had some dental work done so her teeth are now visible. While these may be the most amusing fixes the unofficial LE2 patch adds, the changelog lists many many more. 

Former Mass Effect trilogy director Casey Hudson recently shared some details on their next game, which will be a “character-driven narrative in an all-new science-fiction universe.”

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