MeetLight could be the perfect combo of Valheim and Stardew Valley

MeetLight and the Secrets of the Universe is an indie RPG due to launch in 2023 that combines the crafting and 3D exploration of games like Valheim with the characters and farming of games like Stardew Valley.

In this indie game, you take on the role of Anna, a young woman who’s inherited a mountain forge from her great uncle. By day, you build a house, forge new items, gather materials, and build a farm. At night, you go to the spirit world, where you can meet strange creatures and discover those titular secrets of the universe.

You’ll be able to visit the village of Alaya’s Valley, which will be populated by NPC villagers that have their own schedules. Quests will see you become part of the community, developing a business as you build trade partnerships with the other characters.

The building system will let you craft your home however you want, wall-by-wall. You can forge your own tools by crafting individual parts. You can also mine in the mountains and build rail carts to ferry materials (and yourself) between locations. In the process, an RPG-style skill system will let you progress your abilities across various skill trees over time.

Even in its early footage, MeetLight looks beautiful, and if it can make good on the promise of those robust mechanics, it could become a standout in a crowded genre.

MeetLight is currently a long way out – it’s set to hit Kickstarter (opens in new tab) soon – but it already has a Steam page (opens in new tab). No platforms beyond PC have yet been announced.

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