Metal Gear Solid 5 group claims nuclear disarmament event is impossible to achieve

Metal Gear Solid 5’s nuclear disarmament event is impossible to trigger via in-game methods, an investigation has claimed.

Last week, Did You Know Gaming published a lengthy report into Metal Gear Solid 5’s mysterious final chapter, as per the video just below. The video investigates an ongoing fan theory surrounding Metal Gear Solid 5, where fans allege that the nuclear disarmament scene unlocking would launch Chapter 3: Peace, after files referencing the supposedly cut chapter were found in the 2015 game.

However, the investigation claims that the nuclear disarmament event in Metal Gear Solid 5 can actually never be triggered organically. This is because there are 40 or so nuclear weapons – on the PS3 version of Metal Gear Solid 5 at least – that can’t be found and disarmed by players.

The Anti-Nuke Gang, the subject of the video above, has investigated these nuclear weapons, and found that they literally can’t be found and dismantled. As such, the group deems the challenge of lowering the nuclear weapons counter on any one platform on Metal Gear Solid 5 to be literally impossible, a task that can never actually be achieved without hacking into the game.

This is actually what the same group of players originally did. The Anti-Nuke Gang claimed years ago that they’d briefly lowered the nuclear weapons counter on the PS3 version to zero, but later admitted to using hacks to achieve the feat. Developer Konami actually investigated the achievement to verify its legitimacy, and came to the same conclusion.

As such, no one platform has ever seen a full, true nuclear disarmament, and now we know why: it’s literally impossible. Whether the nuclear disarmament event truly does trigger the hidden Chapter 3: Peace in Metal Gear Solid 5 is ultimately irrelevant, as the event itself can’t ever be beaten by players in the first place. Unfortunately, Hideo Kojima’s final Metal Gear Solid game remains in a bit of an unfinished state, with many story and gameplay elements left on the cutting room floor.

Earlier this year, the full unearthed Metal Gear Solid 5 script pointed to a boss fight with Skull Face, and sidekick Quiet speaking in the game.

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