Metal Gear Solid fan beats entire game with a dance pad

A Twitch streamer has managed to beat the entirety of Metal Gear Solid using a dance pad and oodles of stamina. 

Lilly, otherwise known as KittyRawr (opens in new tab), started the challenge run close to three weeks ago, taking breaks between each stream to rest up for the next go. The Metal Gear Solid fan tells GamesRadar that the classic game was a natural choice as it’s one of her favourite series, having watched her brother play it as a kid. 

“So, naturally, when I came up with the idea of dance pad runs, Metal Gear Solid was automatically selected as a game to challenge myself since I knew it so well,” she says. “I also always thought, ‘What would a fight with the Tank or Psycho Mantis be like on the dance pad?’. Both were incredibly fun fights, and I defeated the Tank first try!”

I DID ITTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Metal Gear Solid on a dance pad…COMPLETED!!!! #MetalGearSolid 1, 2022

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While both encounters prove to be highlights of the run, Lilly would consider neither the most tricky part of completing the game. That prize goes to the punch up with Liquid Snake atop Metal Gear REX or Hind D. 

“The most challenging part so far has been the Hind D fight, Metal Gear REX, and then the Liquid fistfight on top of REX,” she tells us. “His movements are so insanely fast, and you have to counter many of his punches, kicks, and charge attacks. I played for six hours straight, one stream of non-stop dance pad action to come up with strategies to defeat Liquid.”

Another side of the challenge, though, is the physical toll of each stream. Each run lasts around six hours, which Lilly admits can be tough on the body. While the streamer has completed a few DDR pad runs, Metal Gear Solid has proved the hardest. 

A dialogue box in Metal Gear Solid

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“Doing dance pad challenges takes a toll on my lower body and, in some cases, full-body fatigue,” Lilly explains. “I have to take a few days at least to recover before I get back into it. (It’s my fault mostly, though, because perseverance takes over, and I try fights over and over and over again until I can’t stand anymore.) 

“After a dance pad stream, however, I take a long bath, have a few days of not being on my feet, and do lots of stretches. Metal Gear Solid has been the hardest dance pad challenge, taking over three streams to almost complete the entire game. Compared to the Resident Evil trilogy, each of those games would take one day to finish.”

Thankfully, each completion of a challenge run has benefited the next. For Lilly, beating the Resident Evil trilogy with a dance pad has given her all the tools she needed to topple Metal Gear Solid. 

Hind D was the hardest fight yet. Legs.Are.Burning. 🔥#MGS #DancePad 18, 2022

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“Even though they were easier compared to Metal Gear Solid, it still helped me prepare to have good stamina, coordination, and deciding which buttons to configure for the dance pad to make things a lot smoother,” she shares. 

“Regarding the trilogy for Resident Evil, RE3: Nemesis was the hardest one amongst the three – mainly because you had the tyrant pursuer Nemesis chasing you around almost the entire game. On the other hand, Metal Gear Solid has been the ultimate challenge – equipping and unequipping weapons/items quickly, dodging insanely fast movements, and many boss obstacles are just insane.”

While each challenge is physically demanding, it must be a great alternative to going outside to exercise. As such, I ask Lilly if these runs have given her a way to keep active while staying indoors during the Covid-19 lockdown.  

Solid Snake looks to REX

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“Yes!” she declares. “Doing dance pad runs has taken over some of my workout routines, mostly with leg day. But, if you’re a gamer who wants to incorporate something that makes you sweat and burn calories and have fun while doing so, dance pad challenges are the way to go. 

“Sure, there are rhythm games you can also do, but these are unique, and it just feels so rewarding to play a game with something other than your hands.”

Lilly may have just bested Metal Gear Solid, but don’t think she’s stopping soon. There are already plans to beat more games with a dance pad in tow. 

“The next game on the list that I would like to do, and the most requested, is none other than Silent Hill,” she says. “I think that game will also prove to be a challenge with all the enemies you have to dodge and crazy bosses like the worm and moth. Though with Metal Gear Solid, I have been getting a lot of requests for Metal Gear Solid 2 on the dance pad so you never know”.

If you’d like to catch one of Lilly’s Metal Gear Solid runs, you can find the latest one here (opens in new tab).

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