Metroid Prime remastered is reportedly set to release this holiday

A Metroid Prime remaster is reportedly due to launch this year, with new versions of the two sequels to follow.

“I’ve been told pretty definitively that Metroid Prime remastered is one [Nintendo’s] big holiday games,” insider Jeff Grubb reports on Giant Bomb’s Game Mess Mornings podcast (opens in new tab). “In the past, this is something I’ve heard was in the works, they have things happening with that game, now I’ve been told that their plans are to release that game this holiday, I think almost certainly to line up with the 20th anniversary in November.”

Grubb says that the remaster out this year will only include the first game. “I think that game would be designed in a way by Retro Studios, who’s also making Metroid Prime 4, so that they can communicate to fans what to expect from Metroid Prime 4. To get used to things that might change.”

To that end, Grubb expects the remaster to include dual analog controls, unlike the GameCube original, in addition to gyro aiming support.

Remasters of Metroid Prime 2 and 3 are also “pretty much done,” according to Grubb, “but Nintendo being Nintendo is going to hold onto them and will likely drop them later along the road.” The sequels “will probably get updated controls and things like that, but they’re not getting quite the same overhaul as Metroid Prime 1 is getting.”

Earlier today, a third-party Nintendo Direct was officially announced for June 28. Grubb speculates – but does not confirm – that a first-party focused Direct is likely to land in July, with announcements like the Metroid Prime remaster.

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