Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Awegite location

The Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Awegite material resource is a special ore used for crafting armor pieces, though can also be used as a fairly lucrative way to farm money, as Awegite happens to be a valuable material that can be sold at a tidy profit.  It’s found dotted about the Shrine Ruins, but even once you’re there, finding it will require some advance knowledge – and some preparation if you really want to farm it efficiently. For those reasons, we’ll explain how to get Awegite in MH Rise below, and even how to farm it. 

It’s not clear at time of writing yet what the difference is between the Blue and White outcrops when it comes to the drop rates for Awegite (both are marked on the map above), but both can drop Awegite, similar to the Monster Hunter Rise Machalite Ore. We’ve had more luck getting it to spawn from blue drops over white ones, but we can’t say if that’s coincidental or not. Either way, you might as well shear through them all, just to be safe.

Awegite also has a slim chance of being dropped by the rare Rock-Tail Lizards when found in Master Rank quests, but considering the extreme rarity of Rock-Tail Lizards and their unpredictable spawning patterns, there’s no way to use this to your advantage when farming Awegite. Kill the Lizards if you see them, but if you need to get Awegite, using the outcrops is a far more reliable process.

Awegite uses

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All Monsters in MH Rise Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise sunbreak monster list

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Awegite is used for a lot of Sunbreak’s armor components, in particular the Kamura Legacy set and the associated weapons, but even if you’re not pursuing any gear in which Awegite is a component, it might be worth doing if only as an alternative to the Monster Hunter Rise Zenny farm, as Awegite is worth 1200 when sold and can be a decent way to quickly make money without any real danger.

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