Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak long sword trick looks like a lag switch but actually works

The many long sword fans playing Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak have turned its new Sacred Sheathe Combo weapon art into maybe the most inefficient but stylish way to get around the game.

Current state of Long Sword in Monster Hunter 3, 2022

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Twitter user Meow shared a short video demonstrating this unorthodox fighting style. Once you enter the long sword’s Sacred Sheathe stance, you can dodge around while still maintaining your charge attack. This was presumably meant to let players reposition or close gaps while fighting monsters, but if you think that’s going to stop people from dodging around the entire freaking map without dropping their finishing move, you’ve never met a long sword main. 

Plenty of other long sword fans have shared similar clips of the Sacred Sheathe dodge in action. Some confused others say they’ve seen this behavior online and wondered if the long sword user in their party was genuinely lagging. This, uh, technique does look an awful lot like a good old-fashioned lag switch, after all. 

Tireless and determined, these folks will chase a monster for minutes at a time if it means landing a flashy combo. Which is textbook long sword behavior, honestly; the weapon is famous for its stylish, extremely anime finishers, and this is one of the most anime things since the frame-perfect counter in Generations Ultimate. Long sword users are also famous online for just kind of doing their own thing while everyone else tries to hunt as a team, but that’s another story. 

As silly as it is, this dodge does genuinely have its uses. Reddit user ThornWarrior shared a much more reasonable clip of Sacred Sheathe putting in work, and like the great sword’s Adamant Charge, it is good for reading monsters and aiming where they are going to be. 

now_im_a_little_motivated from r/MonsterHunter

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