How to get the Monster Hunter Rise Twisted Stiffbone

The Monster Hunter Rise Twisted Stiffbone players can find in Sunbreak is an incredibly valuable crafting resource, an essential component for forging dozens of pieces of armor, weapons and more. Putting aside the slightly unfortunate name, the Twisted Stiffbone has numerous functions, and is perhaps most notable for being a part of the Protection Jewel, which grants players a massive damage reduction. However, the Stiffbone isn’t obtained from monsters you cut down, but instead found by exploring the world of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak in a way we’ll explain below.

Twisted Stiffbone uses in crafting

Monster Hunter Rise Twisted Stiffbone mh sunbreak

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MH Rise Purecrystal

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The Twisted Stiffbone has a lot of crafting uses, hence the demand for finding them. Its recipes don’t require a lot of them, but there are a lot of recipes that need at least one, so sooner or later players find themselves running into this particular wall.

Unlike many other resources that came out in the DLC, such as the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Prized Pelts, the Stiffbone also is used to create a wide range of items. Some materials are limited purely to forging weapons, armor or decorations, but the Twisted Stiffbone is used to some degree in all three. We’ll cover everything you can make with them below, broken into categories.

  • Weapons
    • Wyvern Chaser+ (Light Bowgun) – 6
  • Weapon Upgrades
    • Kulu’s Lasher+ (Dual Blades) – 1
    • Wyvern Chaser+ (Light Bowgun) – 4
  • Armor
    • Arzuros Mail X (torso) – 1
    • Arzuros Greaves X (boots) – 1
    • Barbanias Belt (leggings) – 2
    • Bnahabra Boots X (boots) – 1
    • Bnahabra Hat X (helmet) – 2
    • Bnahabra Suit X (torso) – 1
    • Bone Coil X (leggings) – 2
    • Bone Greaves X (boots) – 2
    • Bone Helm X (helmet) – 2
    • Bone Mail X (torso) – 2
    • Bone Vambraces X (gauntlets) – 1
    • Hunter’s Greaves X (boots) – 2
    • Melahoa Branch X (gauntlets) – 2
    • Melahoa Jacket X (torso) – 2
    • Melahoa Roots X (boots) – 1
    • Regios Graves (boots) – 2
    • Scholarly Boots (boots) – 1
    • Scholarly Strongarm (gauntlets) – 1
    • Yukumo Sky Hakama (boots) – 2
    • Yukumo Sky Kasa (helmet) – 1
  • Decorations
    • Protection Jewel+ 4 (normal decoration) – 3

The main two standouts here are that the entire Bone X set is dependent on having nine separate Twisted Stiffbones, and the Protection Jewel is incredibly valuable, as equipping one will offer two separate levels of the Divine Blessing skill – aka, a permanent 30% protection buff! Slot that into any set to make it a viable contender for the Monster Hunter Rise best armor in your arsenal.

Keep in mind that there’s plenty more to be accessed from MH Rise Sunbreak beyond that, and even more hidden resources, such as the Transcendent Rhino in Monster Hunter Rise, which can be used to complete quests and to earn Kamura Points.

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