How to get a Monster Hunter Rise well-done steak and cook meat perfectly

How to cook a well-done steak in Monster Hunter Rise is tough. Like the meat if you get it wrong. It takes precise timing and it’s worth perfecting because get it right and the meal you make can fully replenish your stamina. Fugen the Elder also wants one  for an early delivery quest so you’ll have to do it at least once.

So getting a well-done steak in Monster Hunter Rise requires some precision but when you know what to look for and, more importantly, how to time it correctly, you’ll be able to perfect your cooking and get one every time. Here’s everything you need to know about how to cook a Monster Hunter Rise well-done steak.

How to cook well-done steak in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise well-done steak

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To cook well-done steak in Monster Hunter Rise, you first need to know how to cook steak at all. When you’ve slain a few small monsters and carved up their corpses, you’ll receive some raw meat. To cook it hold L then press Y until you cycle along to the BBQ Spit. Use it by letting go of L and pressing Y again and your hunter will prop up a folding chair with a spit above an open fire and start cooking.

Pay attention to the texture of the meat you’re cooking. The change from raw to rare is obvious, and pressing A here will give you a rare steak. Not bad, but it only restores a moderate amount of stamina. When it becomes burnt, you’ll be aware too; it’ll go black and has the chance to reduce your stamina instead of filling you up.

What you’re looking for is a brief moment between rare and burnt. If you pay extremely close attention to the steak, you’ll notice the texture slightly change as it goes from rare to well-done. Hit A as soon as you see this change – you have less than a second before it becomes burnt, so you need to be quick. It’s approximately eight seconds from the moment you place the raw meat down, or 11.5 seconds after you press Y to bring out the BBQ Spit.

When you do it once, you’ll know what you’re looking for and should be able to achieve well-done steak consistently. To complete the delivery for Fugen the Elder, simply return to the village with at least one well-done steak and talk to him.

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