Moon Knight director teases “twists and turns” in episode 6

*This article contains spoilers for Moon Knight episode 5*

Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab has promised “twists and turns” in the show’s upcoming finale.

The Marvel series has taken us on quite the mind-bending journey so far, as Oscar Isaac brings Marc Spector, a mercenary who struggles with dissociative identity disorder and has elected to be the vengeful vessel of a powerful Egyptian god, to life. With just one episode to go, Diab explained why he’s confident it will prove to be “a satisfying wrap-up to our story”. 

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly (opens in new tab), he said: “I feel it is. There are some surprises. I think the audience deserves a big action sequence, but it’s more than that. It has some twists and turns.”

Moon Knight’s penultimate episode, which was released on April 27, heartbreakingly revealed that Marc had “created” his alter ego Steven Grant as a means to cope with the death of his brother, and the subsequent abuse from his resentful mother.

“Through episode 5, you understand that usually people who have DID are traumatized when they’re kids, and they create a character that can overcome their fear or shield themselves from their fear,” Diab noted. “They create a character that didn’t go through that trauma. I love how that’s integrated into the story — it makes the whole show.”

“We saw it as a show that is very trippy and very fantastical, but it deals with a lot of mental health issues,” he continued, revealing that he would often refer to Robert Oxman’s memoir A Fractured Mind during filming. “The thing that would make it even more trippy is to deal with everything in the most grounded way, to make you feel like it’s a documentary or something made with a handheld camera. 

“The acting is so serious, yet everything is so weird. I thought that could actually make the show better, just sending [viewers] into more confusion. It works because you’re seeing it from the point of view of someone who has DID. It’s like a trip into their mind.”

Moon Knight also stars May Calamawy and Ethan Hawke. The finale is set to be released on May 4.

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