Moon Knight episode 6 trailer promises an epic conclusion the Marvel TV series

If the season finale’s trailer is anything to go by, Moon Knight episode 6 promises to be an epic conclusion to the Marvel TV series.

The Disney Plus show unveiled the teaser, which sees Oscar Isaac’s Marc Spector embrace all of his alter-egos and vow to “repay his debts”, on Monday, May 2, two days before the installment will land on the streaming platform.

As fans might have expected, the last episode looks to feature a battle-heavy face-off between the titular hero and Ethan Hawke’s menacing Arthur Harrow.

Referencing episode 5’s big reveal, Harrow asks Marc, “Do you think you created Steven to hide from all of the awful things you’ve done? Your identities are not something to be feared, but something to be welcomed.”

This Wednesday, experience the epic season finale of Marvel Studios’ #MoonKnight, only on @DisneyPlus. 2, 2022

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Moon Knight has taken us on quite the mind-bending journey so far, as Marc, a mercenary who struggles with dissociative identity disorder, deals with the repercussions of becoming the vengeful vessel of a powerful Egyptian god named Khonshu.

With just one episode to go, director Mohamed Diab previously explained why he’s confident it will prove to be “a satisfying wrap-up to our story”.

He told Entertainment Weekly (opens in new tab): “There are some surprises. I think the audience deserves a big action sequence, but it’s more than that. It has some twists and turns.

“The acting is so serious, yet everything is so weird. I thought that could actually make the show better, just sending [viewers] into more confusion. It works because you’re seeing it from the point of view of someone who has DID. It’s like a trip into their mind.”

If you’re all up to date with Moon Knight, and are keen to see what else Disney Plus has in the works, then check out our roundup of all the new Marvel TV shows in development. If you’re not already subscribed, then sign up to Disney Plus here (opens in new tab).

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