Moon Knight fans think Marcs third personality appeared in episode 5

Moon Knight episode 5 featured a lot of revelations about Marc Spector’s past. But did it also introduce another personality? Spoilers ahead.

Moon Knight fans have been convinced the Marvel show may introduce a third personality for Marc Spector for several episodes now. The big bet is they could bring in Jake Lockley, who is a violent alter-ego for Marc in the comic books that the show is loosely based on.

There have been a few hints already, including Marc and Steven Grant left wondering who killed Arthur Harrow’s men in episode 3. Then there was also the tease in episode 4 that someone was trying to break out of a third sarcophagus. 

Now, some eagle-eyed fans think Jake actually made his first appearance on the show. The scene in question comes at the beginning of episode 5 when Marc – or someone who seems to be Marc – wakes up back in Arthur Harrow’s office. Sitting with a mysterious cut on nose, he says: “Thank you, I feel really great, I mean they must pay you a lot of money in this place, you’re really good. I feel like a million dollars, never felt so good, I’m going to see myself out.”

However, there seem to be some inconsistencies with this moment compared to the Marc we know well. For those listening carefully, his accent seems to be slightly different from Marc’s so far and he’s also acting with different mannerisms as he grabs a shard of glass in the violent display.

In the comic books, Jake is a rough-and-tumble cab driver with connections to New York’s criminal underbelly. He is also known for his violent tendencies and is regarded as one of the most brutal of Marc’s personalities. These elements have led some fans to speculate if this is actually Jake in this scene. 

Moon Knight episode 4

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Posting on Twitter, one wrote (opens in new tab): “This was Jake Lockley, right? He has a different accent and his actions don’t seem like Marc.” Another agreed (opens in new tab), adding: “This is 100 per cent Jake Lockley. It seems as though he rapid switched. This is the only scene where his face is messed up, almost as if Jake had been fighting.”

They also noted how he seemed to have a New York accent as well as different body language from Marc and Steven. While a third fan speculated (opens in new tab): “It makes so much sense because the facial expressions, the accent, the body language, his actions are not Marc nor Steven.” Another viewer theorized (opens in new tab): “I think we’ve seen Jake several times. There were other times the accent was off in other episodes too.”

Not everyone agrees with the idea, however, as some have wondered why they would introduce another character for the final episode. “I mean it makes sense but I don’t know,” wondered one (opens in new tab). “It’s too much just to introduce one character.” Agreeing with this, a fan penned: (opens in new tab) “Ok but if it is what’s the point in saving the third for the finale????”

Moon Knight only has one episode remaining, so viewers will be eagerly waiting to see if this clears anything up about this theory. Check out our guide to the Moon Knight release schedule to make sure you don’t miss the final episode.

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