Every Moon Knight scene that foreshadowed Jake Lockley

Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Moon Knight episode 6! Turn back now if you haven’t seen the finale on Disney Plus!

All six episodes of Moon Knight have dropped on Disney Plus – and a fan-favorite character finally made his long-awaited appearance at the very last moment of the finale. Fans were speculating over whether Marc Spector’s third personality, Jake Lockley, would make an appearance in the series. 

There were several teases that the cab driver was on his way, but some of them are very hard to spot… so we’ve rounded them all up here, and, as it turns out, Jake Lockley’s arrival was hinted at almost from the very beginning. Here’s every single time the big reveal was foreshadowed in the series.


Moon Knight episode 1

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At one point in episode 1, Steven looks in the mirror and sees three reflections – though the third is just a sliver. That’s Jake Lockley hiding in plain sight, as confirmed by cinematographer Gregory Middleton for Marvel (opens in new tab).

The pyramid

Moon Knight episode 2

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At the end of episode 2, Marc and Steven argue by a reflective pyramid statue in London. Steven is in the reflection, and Marc in control of their body. Significantly, though, it’s a three-sided pyramid.

“When [Marc] is talking to himself in the pyramid at the end of the episode, you’ll notice it’s actually a three-sided pyramid that are progressively more and more broken,” co-director Aaron Moorhead told Marvel. “Third side represents his rage. The one that he kicks out and smashes is actually a tiny, tiny little clue to look out for three instead of two.”

Blacking out

In Moon Knight episode 3, Marc and Steven head to Cairo – and Marc blacks out twice in the episode. The second time, he wakes up very surprised to find himself halfway through stabbing another person. Steven denies having anything to do with the violence, which means a mysterious third person is involved…

“Mohamed [Diab, director] really wanted it to be the Jake of it all, like, who did this other crime? This guy is obviously brutal,” Middleton explained to Marvel’s site.

The sarcophagus

Moon Knight episode 4

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When Marc finds himself in Putnam Psychiatric Hospital, he rescues Steven from a tomb – but he’s not the only person hiding. Another sarcophagus can be seen, though Marc and Steven steer clear of this one. As it turns out, Jake Lockley was inside all along.

“But that when you see the coffin, there’s that the movement and sound coming from it that may even feel like something supernatural or demonic,” co-director Justin Benson told Marvel.com. “While also trying to ride this line that it’s not literally going to be a creature from the descent popping out. It’s going to be a person later. But trying to make it feel so dangerous; just a beat, a feeling there’s something extraordinarily dangerous.”

The doctor’s office

Moon Knight episode 5

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In episode 5, while talking to Doctor Harrow, Marc gets particularly agitated. His entire demeanour and accent changes, suggesting another personality is behind the wheel. Take this one with a grain of salt, though – it hasn’t been confirmed by Marvel, and, when Lockley is finally revealed, he speaks Spanish.

Arthur Harrow

Moon Knight episode 6

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Finally, in the finale, Marc blacks out while fighting Harrow. When he comes to, Harrow is near-death – and once again, Steven had nothing to do with it. It’s also in this episode that Lockley finally appears on-screen, wearing his trademark flat cap from the comics.

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