More Lego BD-1 leaks give us a peek at the droid, but something is missing

More Lego BD-1 leaks have snuck their way onto social media, and this time we have our first look at the set itself. However, Cal Kestis isn’t included.

Following a report revealing Lego BD-1 earlier in 2022, it seemed likely that we’d get a full unveiling in time for Star Wars Celebration this weekend – but that curtain drop seems to have come a bit early. Originally leaked by 1414falconfan (opens in new tab) on Instagram, a clearer image has since been offered by dylanchow (opens in new tab) (they blame Walmart for the better look at Lego BD-1, but we weren’t able to find the listing on the retailer ourselves). This proves that the droid’s Jedi master doesn’t make an appearance in the set; a minifigure version of BD-1 can be found within the box instead.

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Much like previous character kits such as the Lego RD-D2 set, this is a more detailed version of the droid with more screen-accurate dimensions thanks to its 1,062 pieces. Aside from being fully posable, Lego BD-1 is also a fair bit more fragile thanks to antenna on the head and wiring across the legs. That would suggest it’s more of a display piece than a toy, so it’s likely to cost a similar amount to Lego Baby Yoda (which has a similar number of parts and an MSRP of $79.99 via the official Lego store (opens in new tab)). Although other Lego droids have carried a bigger price tag in the past, this one doesn’t seem quite as complicated. Equally, it’s more complex than the cheaper $69.99 Lego D-O, so will probably fall somewhere north of that cost.

Either way, we should find out soon – now that it’s in the open, an official announcement can’t be far behind. Until then, you can keep yourself busy with the best Lego Star Wars sets or these impressive new Darth Vader helmet and Obi-Wan lightsaber replicas.

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