New Ms. Marvel one-shot & Iceman ongoing come to Marvel Unlimited

Two brand new, exclusive titles launch on Marvel Unlimited this week. Just in time for the premiere of Disney Plus series Ms. Marvel, the app is debuting the Ms. Marvel: All Bottled Up one-shot, and just in time for Pride Month, the app is debuting the first Marvel’s Voices ongoing series, starring X-Men favorite Iceman. 

Ms. Marvel: All Bottled Up

Ms. Marvel: All Bottled Up (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

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Before Kamala Khan makes her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut on June 8, readers can go on a museum trip with her and her friend Nakia, where everything goes super wrong, super fast. 

In Ms. Marvel: All Bottled Up, written by Samira Ahmed, with art by Ramon Bachs and colors by Dee Cunniffe, a group of kid campers makes it almost impossible for Kamala and Nakia to enjoy the cool, quiet halls of the museum, particularly when one releases a jinn trapped in one of the exhibits. If Ms. Marvel doesn’t handle the situation, the jinn will possess a camper and escape into New York City.

Marvel's Voices: Iceman #1

Marvel’s Voices: Iceman #1 (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

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Meanwhile, Iceman fans, rejoice! Marvel’s Voices: Iceman #1 kicks off an anthology-style ongoing series with a rotating cast of creators contributing story arcs and one-shots about the beloved X-Men character, Bobby Drake. The first issue is part of a four-part Infinity Comic, written and illustrated by Luciano Vecchio. After Bobby helps terraform Mars, he goes on an adventure to figure out his Omega status and what it means for him as a mutant. 

Marvel’s Voices: Iceman #1 serves the dual purpose of launching the Marvel Unlimited exclusive and kicking off Marvel’s 2022 Pride celebration. The publisher previously announced the introduction of trans mutant Escapade, as well as a series of Star Wars Pride variant covers

Iceman is one of the most iconic LGBTQIA+ superheroes in comic books.

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