“Multiple” Silent Hill projects are reportedly in the works, including Silent Hill 2 remake

Multiple Silent Hill projects, including a Silent Hill 2 remake, are rumoured to be in the works. 

Sleepless nights could be back on the cards, with various sources hinting that the Silent Hill series is set to return. Last week, a series of images, allegedly from a new Silent Hill game, emerged on Twitter. These were rather hastily removed by the social media giant “in response to a report from the copyright holder”. This copyright claim suggests that the Silent Hill leak could be credible, and now others have emerged seemingly with knowledge about the series’ future plans.

Yesterday, Twitter user NateTheHate2 tweeted that Bloober Team is currently working on a Silent Hill 2 remake. Horror fans are likely no strangers to the Polish developers’ back catalogue, which includes Blair Witch, a game set two years after the events of the iconic 1999 movie, and Observer, a psychological horror starring a detective who can interrogate people by hacking into their brains. 

According to NateTheHate2, the Silent Hill 2 Remake will expand and improve on the highly unsettling sequel, with “reworked puzzles” and “new endings”. Of course, Silent Hill 2 already has many endings, including the infamous ‘dog’ scene. Still, if true, it will be interesting to see what new twists the developer might have in store for the conclusion of James Sutherland’s story. NateTheHate2 also suggests that the Silent Hill 2 remake will be a “timed PlayStation console exclusive”, but they don’t indicate how long the supposed timed exclusivity will last. 

The Twitter user also claims that there are multiple Silent Hill games in development, including a “new mainline entry” and other projects, which they’ve described as “side stories”. They finish the tweet by stating that this information isn’t confirmed and that, instead, they are simply sharing what they’ve heard. 

-Bloober Team working on Silent Hill 2 Remake. Reworked puzzles. New Endings. Timed PlayStation Console Exclusive-Multiple Silent Hill projects in development; including new mainline entry & side “stories”Not confirmed. Just sharing what I’ve heard pic.twitter.com/eZJDQu9qKYMay 15, 2022

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Interestingly, these claims are backed up by Twitter user Jeff Grubb (opens in new tab) who responded to the tweet by saying, “This is the stuff I’ve heard, and it comes from multiple different sources. Not all of my sources are primary, but everything is mostly lining up. To me, the biggest indicator is the stuff I’ve seen lines up with Konami doing a big reveal at E3 last year before it pulled out.”

With all of these various leaks and rumours, it’s increasingly likely that the series will be returning to scare us silly in the near future. Here’s hoping that it does. 

Konami recently updated the Silent Hill trademark to include a virtual reality component, suggesting a Silent Hill VR game be in the works.

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