How to get My Time at Sandrock Quartz and what it’s used for

Knowing how to get Quartz in My Time at Sandrock will help you craft some key items in the game. Resource gathering and crafting are major gameplay mechanics of My Time at Sandrock, so you’ll want to learn where you can reliably find as many resources as possible for any builds and commissions you undertake. Quartz will help you make a Furnace, which will come in handy when it’s time to fire some bricks or refine ores. Here’s how you can get Quartz in My Time at Sandrock and what you can do with it.

  • Mined from Gravel: When exploring the Eufala Desert that’s southeast of Sandrock, use your Pickhammer to strike some Gravel rocks – those are the round, orangey-brown rocks that are scattered throughout the desert. There’s a chance you’ll get a piece of Quartz or two from destroying the Gravel, as well as the other usual resources, including Stone and Dinas. With a higher quality Pickhammer, you’ll be able to gather Quartz from mining harder rocks too.

My Time at Sandrock Quartz map

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  • Bought from Amirah’s Ceramic Gate shop: Ceramic Gate has a stock of 10 Quartz pieces that it sells for 16 Gols each. Obviously, it’s not the best way to get Quartz but good in a pinch.
  • Use an Ore Refinery: Refining stone, copper, tin, and iron ores using an Ore Refinery will grant varying levels of Quartz, much like how putting scrap into a Recycler can return more useful materials. However, the Ore Refinery is not available right away, so this is a later game option for gathering Quartz.

What Quartz is used for in My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock Quartz furnace crafting page

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Quartz isn’t used for many items but there are a couple of important ones that you might want to focus on:

  • Furnace: Requires four Quartz to craft at an Assembly Station. Furnaces are used to smelt and process different types of metal ore and stone into more useful building materials. It’s good to have at least one Furnace for your own Workshop, and its possible that a Commission may require you to craft one.
  • Stone Spear: Requires three Quartz to craft at a Worktable. This is a melee weapon that you can use to defend yourself with.
  • Tempered Glass: Once you’ve upgraded your Furnace to a Civil Furnace, you’ll get new recipes, including Tempered Glass. Combine four Dinas and two Quartz to create a piece of Tempered Glass.
  • Bird Swing: This item is specifically for Fang’s ‘Saving Private Raven’ mission and requires four Quartz to craft at a Worktable.

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